Path of Exile: Heist - Zizaran's Awakener Kill Event

Let me put on my tinfoil hat and say...

That they're trying to slowly bait people into playing HC SSF because that's what they (the 1%) want to play. So now please, give them more fuel.

I am just disappointed that GGG supports and promotes this. Because this does no good for either other leagues or the majority of players themselves who will over-optimistically think they can compete with nolifers who are willing to RIP irl for this thing.

Yeah... You're giving some mtx for players of all leagues... #diversion. :D
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Why do you keep killing hc league with these events????
GGG/Ziz - why don't you post Awakener kills for the other leagues (especially non-HC SSF) as well with guaranteed non-cash prizes so those who play in other leagues can race among themselves? Even the pro gamers RIP before they reach A8 half the time - and they won't be able to make perfect gear like they did in Harvest. The 99% who like the idea of racing but don't have the skills have no chance.

Also you could give prizes for "firsts" with other builds in those leagues - maybe a special prize for the first A8 kill in the 16 ascendancy classes.

Sorbits wrote:
Why do you keep killing hc league with these events????


I can say more, but i still much more fck on GGG and PoE last months ...
Nice one!
HC league trade will suffer again as the most active players will be trying the event. Expect a mountain-high prices for gear from the end game bosse.
Wooow an event in a league with zero change in mapping/bossing.

This will be so so so difficult for our 1% no lifers.
There is some problems with this kind of events

1) HC trade league will be more dead than it used to be
2) It should have some kind of "class" thing in this boss kills.
For example: Prizes for every player that kills these bosses with a specific class. This way, even not so skilled and fast players can have a chance.
Let's say I am suck at the game so I am taking Deadeye and going for a atziri kill. If I do it, I get my few bucks.
3) Boss kill in SSF HC its something that like 5% of PoE community is able to do, specially now without harvest and the items powercreep
4) It should have some LEVEL stuff inside. Who sucks at boss kills, could have a chance to win anything by reaching level 95+ or something.

This way, prizes should be a lot less generally talking but reaching A LOT more people. Let's say the first A8 killer would get like 3k USD, but the Deadeye hero or the first ones to get lvl 95+ would also have a chance to make they 500USD bucks. This way, EVERYONE could participate in the event instead of just the same 1% players that we all already know. Steel, havoc, ziz, raiz, etc.

Congrats for the event but just saying it could be better to everybody in the community and even unskilled players could have the chance to try it and win something. I would be the deadeye guy that sucks at the game but could get a atziri kill and win something! :)
THe way this events are done at the moment, doesn't even worth a try. I know I can't fight against Dan, steel, havoc. Pointless.
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Lol youtube video on the official forum with an ad for RMT.

You do know that the Ads range from generic game ads to those tailored/personalized to you based on various criteria (such as, for example, your search history). It's not anything that is in GGG's control if they are using a public embedded player. So what you see is not necessarily what others will see.

As far as the event, pretty cool! Nice prize pool.
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My god.....
Stop making events and things for pro players.

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