Path of Exile: Heist - Zizaran's Awakener Kill Event

Is possible to gain some microtransaction for being in party, which kills awakener?
pampero128 wrote:
My god.....
Stop making events and things for pro players.

the pro's will still win even if the event is for all.
so unless u r a pro game u dont stand a chance
Hope you all enjoy it. It's costing us our game.
2bad that's not for normal/casual players. They'll get cheated out.
ofc....a balance race when ppl playing 1 account with 3 mans...ethical..
Be cool if you guys cared at all about anyone besides streamers and their rabid fanboys.
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I'm really curious why people get so mad over these events. Like people have been echoing in this thread, the pros are going to win because they are the pros. You say make it so that casuals can win, but how on earth can that possibly be done.

If you make it so that it's based on playtime instead of the first to win, then the pros are still going to win because they know the best paths, strats, and can keep trying over and over to beat it faster.

You say make is softcore, but the pros will still win for the above reasons. In fact it will be even more likely that they will win because if they die to some random nonsense, they don't have to start all over anymore.

You say make it not SSF, but the pros will band together their followers to find items for them or team up with people they know IRL.

HCSSF is the best mode for something like this, but people just can't seem to understand that. It's actually giving the new player the best chance because anything can happen at any point. Whoever is in first can die and then everyone is just that much closer. The tortoise can beat the hare.

If you think you have a chance, then this mode is your best bet. Use your vacation days and give it a try. If you fail, then better luck next time. I highly doubt they will ever try a different mode for an event like this, so if you want a better chance next time, then practice this mode. Hell, there is still time before the event begins, go ahead and get some practice now.
Don't understand the hate.
There a couple of e.g. Dart events with cool prices and thousands of $$ for the professionals. I still enjoy my darts at home or in the pub and also watching their games on TV. Can't see much difference here.
NemoRSRB wrote:
dachoppa wrote:
I will participate and probably have fun but I know I won't win. The fact that some players can put 16 hours a day into the game makes it impossible for average people to compete.

I wonder if an event with a max hours played per characters would give more equal chances to everyone?


why is it such a problem that they are much better at their job than you are casually playing poe? you will never ever be able to compete unless you put in a similar amound of time and effort into becoming an efficient racer in path of exile.

i will also never be able to compete in the NBA or any other professional competition because since it's not my job, i won't have the skills and knowledge. heck, i am actually able to play poe 10 hours a day, but i am nowhere near their level.

I understand your point but I also understand the point of the guy you answered to.

The way I see this race, and I'm talking mainly about the HC SSF part of it with cash prizes, it's as if someone organizes a basketball tournament where the participants are NBA teams and you, me and some other guys that play on weekends. Will the pros that earn a living playing basketball destroy us? Yes. And that's normal and expected. Is this hypothetical basketball tournament actually more of an NBA tournament? Yes. Is the HC SSF part of the Ziz race actually just a streamer race? Probably. I mean anyone can take time of work for a chance to win 11000$ but do they stand a chance against the pros? No. Again, it's perfectly normal that whoever invests the most time into anything wins. But it's not really fair to pair up amateurs and hobbyists against them. This race like all of them before and any races in the future will be won by one of the top 10 POE streamers.

Just my two cents. I hope you understand my point of view. I'm always just a viewer when it comes to races and I perfectly enjoy that. Maybe in Heist I win some MTX. Good luck!

I have to disagree there, I'd say it's actually the exact opposite, they for once give casual players the chance to compete with the pros.
Will the casual players win? Most likely no.
But if you look at usual race events, casual players barely have an opportunity to even participate and even then only in community organized events, which this mostly seems to be aswell.
I think it's nice just having the chance to even try to compete with the pros, rather than having to watch on the sidelines without even being able to try.
If you don't have the time to play or to practice racing, that just means your priorities lie elsewhere, which is fine since this is just a game, but the event is more than fair by actually allowing everyone to atleast participate.
Eonwulf wrote:
I'm really curious why people get so mad over these events.

They're salty. They want a chance to win a contest that they're unwilling to prepare for, and unwilling to devote the time to. It's like if they were clamoring for some way to make the Olympics more "fair" for casuals.

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