Path of Exile: Heist - Zizaran's Awakener Kill Event

DigitalDecaf wrote:

Howdy, read through most of the discussion. You are right 100%. Just my opinion but the logout macro debate is pretty cut and dry. The argument happens before every big event and you always have people saying the same things about why it's fine. Personally I accepted long ago that it is what it is and that's the way it is. It's not gonna change :/. I find myself more bummed that I can't take off 2 weeks to a month of work to really participate, and that's why streamers are favored because they are doing it for work anyway, but that's just a good for them kind of situation, us casuals will just have to be satisfied watching the same people win the prizes over and over again. And I agree with you on that too, they put in the work, they deserve it, they have mad skills and knowledge. It's just a "would if I could" type situation. It would definitely be more entertaining / stressful in a good way if there was no logout macro. Hope everyone is safe and healthy and Good luck in Heist!

I feel that way too about Life taking priority, therefore gimping the regular player base from the chance to compete healthily.

But I did notice there are prizes, in the form of boxes and mtx for other leagues too, so they are trying to widen the horizons.

I still think there could be several mini-leagues, or brackets, for the race to reach more people. Nonetheless, it is a start and I'm sure it'll be fun to follow.
Will there be tracker for other boss kills too like elder atziri etc or do i have to stream?
Thrúd wrote:
The fact that some players can put 16 hours a day into the game makes it impossible for average people to compete.

I wonder if an event with a max hours played per characters would give more equal chances to everyone?

Or maybe make an event in SSF Softcore but only count deathless boss kills. This would also be less punishing for people that have less time to play the game.

Or an event with a qualified racers bracket and casual bracket?

I'm just throwing ideas for future events so more people can compete for first places.

But that's the whole point of those kinds of events, the ones who put in the most effort and earn the prize the most, win the prize.
If everyone had equal chances, then there would be noone who actually earned the prize more than others, people would start complaining "Ey, but I did the exact same thing".
The ones who are simply the best, the fastest and the most hardworking win.
That's just how competition works and a ladder based event is competition.
For you the second part of the event might be more appealing, as it entails prizes that are given out at random, as such they will hold a lower value of course, but you don't have to be good or the best to get them.

You're missing the point.
The point is that this is an event where even the TOP players will take a few day to complete, 20h a day.
No matter how good you are, if you're not able to put this much time due to responsability, you cannot even participate, it's meaningless.

Look at it that way: as good as Ziz is, in this current format, if he had a 40h/week job, he wouldn't even be top 50. NOBODY would.

That's why I'm always pushing for a race measuring ACCOUNT PLAY TIME instead of IRL time... In HC SSF you can't party / trade so you can't cheat it by farming on other account and trading, so that measaurement WOULD work and give people a chance to compete.

It wouldn't take away any of the skill involved, and wouldn't change the result at all the first time. BUT, more people would get into it, because they could at least try and improve, and on the long term, it would be better for the growth of the racing community.
Thank you for event!
Anscendant wrote:
Path of Exile should be HCSSF only. Chris Wilson, please delete "HC" Tradeleague and SC and make this a better place. No offense to all non-HCSSF players in here. You guys know this is the truth. ^_^
so if we only have hcssf there won't be any trading witch can help a lot of people to gear up and most importantly if you die its just character delete? I wouldn't want to spend like 80 hours and because of one lag or fps lag spend of a character to vanish.
"For those of you who want to challenge yourself in the upcoming expansion, Zizaran and Shopify have organised the HC SSF Awakener Kill Event which starts alongside the release of the expansion! The prize pool includes $40,000USD cash as well as microtransaction prizes."

Nice !!!

However, the issue is that those guys who win it are using log out makros or general the streamers using log out macros or other dirty things. Moreover I am against it and those players who are using this, they should be kicked out of the event.

In my eyes it is the challenge to play hardcore and when you are gonna down then you have to start again. If those Players don't like to be killed then they should attend Softcore and let the real hartcore players enjoy the chance to win the prize!

Moreover, what every one can see that those streamers or players are using meta builds,too. Of course it is nice to have an easy match to win the prize, but where is the challenge? Are those people really great streamers or hardcore players???

Of course not!

Where as I will try it this leage too, but I won't use any shit of programs to have an easy life in this battle. I am going to be a real hardcore player. Well, I have internet or pc matters, too. However, it is better too be killed with honor than to win with dirty trics, you know.

See ya

By the way, I wanna play fire or Explosive traps, because I have never played it before. When it is over powered/ like meta, please tell me then I have to change it and start with something else
Great as always !
So many people complaining about how race is for "the elite"... well we wouldnt have any prizes without the elite.

some say they could do it if this this and that... probably delusional.

Well there is new poe racers that have appeared shorter than year ago and have been able to win some prizes, so can anybody else that want to train the solo selffound play.

Could there be race/tournament for soft core, probably. could there be race for softcore soloselffound, probably. allthough it would make it pretty open to all kinds of builds that dont actually are sustainable to play other than dying constantly which i guess isnt the point.

When a player states that he wont play on the race due he/she would miss currency grind advantage for one league in tradeleague, well most probably not the player to have good chance for prizes.

The more people want to be a youtuber, or streamer the more the game have hype -> more possibilities for everyone. So get your asses up and become one! Mby you can be the streamer for living one day.

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