Path of Exile: Heist - Zizaran's Awakener Kill Event


This looks great for streamers and it's MUCH better for league start than the usual race to 100, which is a painful grind. However since it's boss related my planned Deadeye build I'm just going to do in regular SSF if I'm going to go for A8 in a month for a microtrans prize. I don't think a Deadeye can survive A8 in HC no matter what the build. 6 tries maybe.... But maybe I can watch Steelmage win some $$ while I play.

SSF is harder, should get their own micro allocation.

Too bad no bounties for Delve bosses or other things....

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Ziz is putting up $10,000 himself? Man, streamers must make bank. :/
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
HCSSF? check. 20 hours a day on average required event? check. have fun, you dont even have a remote chance of winning anything... i mean just look at the distribution of cash prizes lol.

on the other hand, the 1 month long awakener mtx giveaway is a step in the right direction.
Awesome to see support for the competitive scene growing!!

and smh at all the yikers in this thread who think these competitions shouldn't be HCSSF lmao
Not my cup of tea, but still cool it's being done.

Would've loved to participate, but when it's number of awakener kills I have no chance with a regular life next ot the game sadly.

It would be better with various boss kills + character level, because that takes a fixed amount of time, haha.

None the less. It's great that zizaran are able to pull off these contracts with rich companies. I am greatful for him making this game more eSport-friendly.

I do feel a big RIP for the regular hc community though, lol.
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I will participate and probably have fun but I know I won't win. The fact that some players can put 16 hours a day into the game makes it impossible for average people to compete.

I wonder if an event with a max hours played per characters would give more equal chances to everyone?


why is it such a problem that they are much better at their job than you are casually playing poe? you will never ever be able to compete unless you put in a similar amound of time and effort into becoming an efficient racer in path of exile.

i will also never be able to compete in the NBA or any other professional competition because since it's not my job, i won't have the skills and knowledge. heck, i am actually able to play poe 10 hours a day, but i am nowhere near their level.
That's quite a chunk of change for this event. Good on ya Ziz and sponsors and such. What I find amusing is the "hardcore" part. It's not even hardcore, it's logout core. If GGG could make it so you can't cheat death by logging out, then it would truly be hardcore, and we would see just how many can actually make it on 1 life only. Now that would be entertaining to watch.
First Place: $11,000
Second Place: $6,000
Third Place: $3,000

IMO, for this amount of money, anyone can take 5 days off from work/education.

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