Path of Exile: Heist - Zizaran's Awakener Kill Event

Just to clarify, is the mtx raffle part just one entry for one A8 kill correct?
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Anscendant wrote:
Path of Exile should be HCSSF only. Chris Wilson, please delete "HC" Tradeleague and SC and make this a better place. No offense to all non-HCSSF players in here. You guys know this is the truth. ^_^

Surely everyone is entitled to their own opinion/view on things; so I am going to throw mine into here.

I don't see the logic behind removing a complete "style" of the game (tradeleague) I believe there are different styles (hardcore, softcore, etc) and for a moment I'd like you to really imagine this being a reality. Do you have any idea how many people play inside the trade league? Do you have any idea how much money and people GGG would lose as a result from something like that?

I really don't feel like you thought this through before making your post. I don't "know" this to be the truth by any means if anything I enjoy trade league.

You also spelled Ascendant incorrectly, Anscendant is not a word.

Hope this helps.

Anyway, back to the topic. GREAT event, I am not sure if I will have time outside of my TRADE LEAGUE to join in on this race but the cash pool looks very good and I can't wait to see how this community event kicks off!
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But that's the whole point of those kinds of events, the ones who put in the most effort and earn the prize the most, win the prize.
If everyone had equal chances, then there would be noone who actually earned the prize more than others, people would start complaining "Ey, but I did the exact same thing".
The ones who are simply the best, the fastest and the most hardworking win.
That's just how competition works and a ladder based event is competition.
For you the second part of the event might be more appealing, as it entails prizes that are given out at random, as such they will hold a lower value of course, but you don't have to be good or the best to get them.

You missed my point. This is an event made for everyone. Most of the people have a job, a family etc. People that play video games for a living make for a very small % of the player base. My point is that if this is an event that aims to target as much players as possible, those who have other responsibility are at a disadvantage.

Of course the better player will win. It would even still be one one the streamers. Adding restrictions or a different bracket would make more people invest themselves into the game. Some would even try to get better or start racing depending on the situation. This is only my opinion of course.

I don't mind not winning anything. Not at all. I just think the more people fighting for prizes, the more entertaining an event is.

A racer only event could still be organized with a shitload or prizes and would not mind. This would still be fun to watch. I just felt that this was aimed at a wide range of players. I may be wrong though.

I will participate and probably have fun but I know I won't win. The fact that some players can put 16 hours a day into the game makes it impossible for average people to compete.

This is true of any competitive hobby.

People don't achieve a Boston Marathon qualifying time without dedication spanning many years. Average people literally can't compete - they can't even get into the event let alone have a chance of winning it.

It's still a great spectator event for people who are into the sport.

It wouldn't surprise me if POE's playerbase is similar in number to the amount of marathon runners worldwide too.
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Does the "Randomly-drawn Microtransaction Prizes" need to be a fully watchstoned kill as well? Does multiple kills give multiple entries?
Anscendant wrote:
Path of Exile should be HCSSF only. Chris Wilson, please delete "HC" Tradeleague and SC and make this a better place. No offense to all non-HCSSF players in here. You guys know this is the truth. ^_^
i wouldn't make it out of Act 1. My style pf playing is 'See the mobs, rush the mobs, a.kill the mob or b.die trying, take the mobs loot if a'. I've never had a build over 90 but I've had fun playing the way I want to play. There's absolutely no way I could play HC, I enjoy playing stupid.
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is GGG too poor to fund their own events now?

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