Path of Exile: Heist FAQ 2

You'll be as likely

^ I'll believe THAT when I see it.

Will playing in a party increase the number of Markers I receive in a map?
Yes, the standard party rules apply here.

Seriously, again? Could you please stop punishing people who wanna still have the option to trade, but don't enjoy playing the game in a party?
Anyone else catch this part
"If we do, these will most likely be shared as part of a table because posting 900 gem links in the format of the other gem post is too crazy."

So apparently there are 900 new gems added with alternate quality.
"An it harm none, do what you will"
Hear me out...

Mercenaries/Hirelings when in solo play, but as soon as you join a party they leave (until you're alone again) to save on processing issues with too many people all having hirelings.

Additionally, you KIND OF already have that when Einhar joins you on a mission and gives you buffs/attacks with you. The difference with the merc would be they have items that can be equipped (from normal to unique) which changes their functionality (on that note you could just have one hireling and based on what you equip, wand, sword, uniques, etc, changes their playstyle and benefit).

Furthermore, I know the Chinese servers have pets that collect crafting materials for you - I know loot vacuuming is already a touchy subject, but I know I'm the type of player that would pick up wisdom scrolls and portal scrolls if it wasn't such a pain in the wrist - adding this feature, I feel, would just streamline a lot of inventory-related time spent in game, and allocate it to actually playing the game (the same goes for having a button that just transfers all currency from inventory to your currency tab, same could go for fragment tabs, map tabs, etc...).

Thanks for your time, thanks for creating an amazing game, can't wait to Heist!
Check out for PoE inspired metal!
Seriously can't wait to see what Alternate Arc, Lacerate, and Cyclone brings to the table!
"Your grandchildren will awaken screaming in memory of what I utter today!"
- Path of Exile, Legacy Whispers of Doom Keystone
Will Rogues have juicy banter and dialogue between each other like members of the Syndicate did?

Yes! Our narrative designers, Nick and Matt, have put a huge amount of work into the writing of Heist.

This is the most encouraging thing i've seen so far by miles.
If you're running a Heist in a party, at which point do you trigger lockdown?
This happens when you smash the case that contains the Artifact so it'll apply equally for all party members even though multiple Artifacts are dropped if you have multiple party members. Your alert level is also shared between all party members.

More artifacts = more coins. Now party players will have 600% more league content. From 450% more regular loot as map modifiers to direct 600% league items. Do you realise what you are doing? Such balance around parties is more like discrimination for solo players.

THERE SHOULD BE 1 REWARD for 1 MAP. If you want to distribute more new league items - increase rewards from 1 map for 1 player. Not 600% only for party players!

Leave party bonuses as map modifiers, NOTHING MORE.
Waiting for GGG rework some skills which need too much investment to get strong compared to others (Ed, contagion, and soul rend for example, that need too much compared to necro and mines which need nothing to progress).
ty GGG very interesting topic !

Now i guess i have to desperately wait until the 18th...

or at least until the patch note release !!!

hype train :D

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