Path of Exile: Heist FAQ 2

Do the guards provide experience or items on death?
Yes, but you can't farm the infinite guard spawns while the alarm is going because they stop providing experience and items once a certain number have been generated by that spawner.

Can you add a visual effect on gards, to the alarm (going from red to green), or even a dialogue from a rogue saying0"we are wasting time here" when gards stop providing exp ? rather than just stare at our exp barre to see if it has stop moving since 20-30 kills ?
I would like to note that these Q & A's are extremely helpful in understanding how the league will mechanically work which in turn gets me more hyped to play it through! Thanks and well done
Would it be possible to get a South African gateway?
Regarding the markers and contracts:

Will they drop from specific mob clusters(which are visually distinct from the rest, like harbinger mobs)? This would be good.

Or will this be like harvest with nothing new on maps to kill, to keep the mechanic going, which wasn't so great...

Asking for a friend;)
hexadecima wrote:
Still not spelling "artefact" correctly. Oh boy.

Artefact is British spelling, while Artifact is American.
Like colour and color, defence and defense, traveller and traveler.
"Can I escape the Heist by simply logging out?
Yes, you can but you won't be considered to have completed the Heist unless you escape legitimately with the Artifact. Your contraband (and Artifact) will be dropped on the ground as you log out."

"If I'm disconnected, will I be able to rejoin my Heist?
Only if the alarm has not gone off."

i know GGG is in deep denial that there servers are laggy and glitchy
you see this even in there own presentions, and even carryed over to PoE2 as seen in there PoE2 Trailer.

please find a fix for this.

it would be cool to see a alt league for partys/clans, being solo in a game with networking seem like a wasted system that just get ingored unless it affects trade.
good job thank you so much !!!!!
Ok, officially hyped. Cautious, but, yes, hyped. Oh man, no more Harvest Excel spredsheets, thanks lord.
Does higher ilvl grand heist are also bigger cause that one showcased in PC invasion was pretty small :(
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.

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