Path of Exile: Heist FAQ 2

A second faq...

Can we say grossly over complicated?

My only question is how this will impact the core problems with poe, trash loot, trade, casino crafting, etc.

Not at all or worse I suspect.
GGG makes it so the game feels like a job instead of a hobby so that it can profit from all the social training everyone gets to work harder and self-exploit. - I could use some like minded people in my guild. - I don't see reply notifications.
Do you have any updates about the previously announced Stash Tab Folders and Tab Affinity system?
These are both approaching completion but are unlikely to be ready at the launch of Heist. We are hopeful that we can release them shortly after, however. We need to make sure these are thoroughly tested and very safe before we can release them.

What is this actualy about? I did not read anything about it. Can anyone link me some info?


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