Path of Exile: Heist FAQ and Reddit AMA

Does Impending Doom work with Curses cast by Bane?
It currently doesn't but that's not 100% locked in.

Oh gob, if this pulls through; looks like I'm playing my first build ever again xD
So you can either rush the heist to get the Artifact as quick as possible for Intel and Rogue experience. Or you can go at a slower pace and collect items from various chests and then loot the Artifact and make your escape. Cant wait to see which is more valuable.
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This league will be something else!

GGG thank you for all the hard work you do!
Why don't you guys ditch the ARPG tag at this point. This thing has nothing to do with ARPGs.

Yeah whatever.
This information should be included in the in-game help panel. For example, THIS should have been included on the Harvest help panel. I know a lot of people have websites opened on a second monitor, but I don't think a person should have to go outside the game to learn the basics of a new league. That was one of the things about Harvest I absolutely hated. In order to get the most out of the garden you had to watch videos and print out garden layouts. I can understand looking at others garden layouts because some people really put a lot of time into theirs, but having to go outside the game to learn what a disperser does shouldn't be necessary.

On the other hand, I look forward to dying way too much and losing a ton of loot in Heist because it totally goes against my nature to play stealthy. My style has always been, "I know you have loot, I'm coming to take your loot, give me your loot before I kill you, I'll be back and you will give me your loot".
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Syndicate recycled into some convoluted bs before syndicate lagfest was even fixed. What a steal.
Black__Dawn wrote:
Syndicate recycled into some convoluted bs before syndicate lagfest was even fixed. What a steal.

What you did there.

I see it. :D
can't wait :)
Summoners go brrrrrrr
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