Path of Exile: Heist FAQ and Reddit AMA

Shagsbeard wrote:
Love the FAQ. Hope to see more in the future. Would change the answer to "How do I get to the place?" to avoid confusing with the Markers from the game and the markers you mean on the portal screen.

You do use the Heist Markers like a portal. It costs one Marker to travel and it opens a portal wherever you are in town or in your Hideout.
Hi! Nice info!
Why no one needs info about cat with monocle? uwu
use the intel

Would this game even run on AMD anymore?
3.9.2b — 3.9.2e: 19 days of Standard funeral
The game had a tremendously fun and rewarding PvP experience
Thought that markers were currency that you paid the NPCs with. They have two functions?
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Can we use Cartographer's Chisels to add quality to a contract?

Can we use Vaal Orbs to krangle contracts into 8-mod monstrosities?

Can we craft blueprints via currency or just through the unveiling?
Le Toucan Will Return
So glad all of this and Chris' Q&A with Ziggy was so obvious from the trailer.

Oh wait, it really is another league of complicated crap to learn no matter how you slice it. I feel like I know everything already and I already hate it. Why do you have to dress things up like this? You gave us a charm just for this league's mechanic... what are you thinking?
No fun allowed.™
Does Heist also introduce new bosses?
Yes, but we'll let you find out about them firsthand :)

Good, that's honestly something that I regretted from Metamorph & Delirium leagues. I like new & unique monsters, having their own mechanics which require a different approach.
Is every bargain with Faustus count as a Faustian bargain? (Does he sacrifice the Artifacts we sell him to a demon?)

Why are you spelling "Artefact" incorrectly? Isn't a bit insane to double down on "focussed" as a borderline non-standard spelling and then use the American spelling of "Artifact"?

Can we get haircuts from Whakano, the Barber?
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How long are Heists on average? One contract per area means it will slow down the campaign by a LOT. In maps it's not too bad you can pool them and run them later but in the campaign you'll quickly outlevel them if you don't run them.

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