Path of Exile: Heist FAQ and Reddit AMA

with that long explanation its sounds so that i give it a try. Also i fear its like all leagues again

Runspeed, runspeed, runspeed.

or like delve. Perhaps did bex that mean. there will be ONE build to be extremly effectiv or ONE build to go in bigger heists.

Like delve there is only one build to go after 1000 or 1500.

But sounds doable, also there is no chance for build diversity. That i liked in incursion. You have to be fast for beein effectiv(as alway in last 10 leagues).
Im looking forward to this! looks like so much fun
As a hardcore league player, I wonder how much of a deathtrap a lockdown could become. Probably not worth the risk I'm afraid...
After reading this FAQ I am excited to play! My initial fear was that it would be easy to lose your loot and there would be timers that cause stress but seems like "not dying" is the way to go :)
Lets go baby!
This new league does not sound like PoE to me. Harvest was not that fun but the new league seem to be more a strategic game than PoE.
I think i'll skip this league and hope the best for the next.
I hope the "everything drops from Monsters" isnt the same as Metamorph samples were first. If i zoom a map i dont want to stop 30 times to pick up 1 marker.
noone asked about Heist bots... I suppose ppl will farm Heist with tons of bots
davoodinator wrote:
what i dont see is will the swarms of enemies that spawn when we reach max alert level grand experience and drop items?

That would mean they are finite if we get xp and loots right? and infinite if not? or finite without xp or loot?

From what we know about PoE they shouldn´t give any exp or loot. But coding issues in the first week could make it happen.
Hmm I mostly play summoners so I guess I ll pass on this one, shame :/

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