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Need harvest
Why the hate on foible? Looks actually very nice!
Can wear from 16 onwards, enough life to make it endgame viable, life recovery rate is a premium stat with very few sources and it still gives the reduced attribute requirements so you wont really miss the stats other amulets may provide. Is it top tier? Certainly not but still a more than decent amu and yeah for RF builds probably endgame material.
BlasczeM wrote:
PsOfOs wrote:
BlasczeM wrote:
Hmm, the replica Foible is very disappointing. I mean, you can get pretty much the same thing by getting a marble amulet (if you want the %regen) and getting t1 life. The increased life rec is unimpressive, and 11 life isn't that much of a difference, and taking into account how many other incredibly useful stats you can get on a rare, makes the Replica Foible pretty much a trash unique from the start.

Good luck getting those stats on level 16 on a rare amulet.

Good luck getting this amulet before you're ready for a good rare xd
More seriously though, it's far worse than the original Foible. This is will be an okay leveling item, but nothing ground-breaking. Especially when during leveling, unless you go the most generic starting character/build, you'll need stats. The only case I can think of when you'd need this amulet is if you were making an RF build, and going RF early. Might make hardcore somewhat easier. Not to mention that you'll need to do heists, and get good RNG to get it.
So yeah, you say what you say, but I still see it for what it is xd

See? You already found a use for this "useless" amulet.
You'll need stats,yes. That's why reduced attribute requirements are useful.
Not every unique is supposed to be for end game gear.
You can't bash an item because it is not BiS for your min maxed character.
It has some uses so it's an ok leveling item for some builds.
The reduced attributes is very powerful, it confused me once then I realized why
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arumat89 wrote:
where do i get the armor mtx shown in the new warcry base weapon

I think its from gorgon mtx
Brother's stash Pog
soo hyped
RIP Justin Time
Just in time, should have Alva behind, somewhere. :)
Wykyng001 wrote:
Just in time, should have Alva behind, somewhere. :)

nah, not really a funny meme. check the story behind the card in the reddit post

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