Path of Exile: Heist Teasers

go fix better supporter packs davai
Please consider adding packs of monsters which drops coins in maps with increased IIQ!
It's going to be another boring league without content on maps.
And it could easily be fixed by making bandit-like monsters which drop league conis (same as Harvest seeds could be dropped by additional monsters).

Fighting huge amount of monsters => core of ARPG gameplay.
League without monsters on maps => boring and uninteresting, doesn't matter how broken drop inside of "heists" could be. It's all empty without actual good pack size, which makes fun gameplay.
Kinda wish that creeping frost alternative was the default since the biggest issue the skill has is how slow it moves on the ground.

Can't say I'm fully on board with the league mechanic shown but I'll keep an open mind, the new/changed skills have me interested as always and the replica uniques are interesting as a theory crafter. I'll hope everything works out.
In regards to the second line of Multistrike's change:
("Supported Skills have 20% increased area of effect per repeat")
Is this:
1.5% per quality
.75% per quality, and multistrike is gaining a base 10% increased AoE per repeat?
Full Gem Vendor List - thread/1648122
KMGL Clan.
These gems have a lot of potential.
Le Toucan Will Return
why keep adding these garbage like awakened gems that only 10% are useful 2% are valuable.

you said you want to change the way these gems work but i dont see any interesting mechanics.
Don't force yourself to play hyped builds.
Will we be able to divine these gems to get quality stats needed? :D
Pure melee 3.7 skeleton build.
Uber elder kill -
My fastest Hydra kill -
My fastest Chimera kill -
DOPE !!!
[Minor QOL] I am not sure if GGG gonna read this but if GGG can change the color of alternate quality GEM's alternate MOD, it would be great. :)

Basically, all I want is to be able to identify which MOD is alternate without pressing ALT or without poor Bex using MS-Paint. :D
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This red highlight on the quality effect really shows one of the problems I have with quality on gems. You don't know what it gives and even if i'd waste a gcp or two you might still miss it because of the wall of text on some gems. Why do I have to go to poe wiki every time I want to see what a gem gives with quality?...

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