Announcing Path of Exile: Heist

I'm surprised they are pulling this kind of league after harvest.

I remember Betrayal and for me its was kinda meh all around. I'm going to play cause I have a build in mind but I doubt I'll stick around.
Will definately try BUT I am a "Bit" sceptical about loosing everything when you fail and being forced to wait around for NPCs to do their thing, which again creates the situation - which has been complained about in blight league - that you cannot speed up heists as your character gets stronger.
WHERE ARE THE MERCS? (unless you hire these people to help you?)
WHERE IS THE FRIENDSHIP? (unless the above)

Sims 4 got starwars factions to make friendships what did we get? also sims 4 warwars looks kinda junky but we shell see
Path of Exile X PAYDAY crossover revealed
900 gems....... bloat tab when? or regular tab to quad tab upgrade when?

Seems a good league to pass with no harvest replacement, back next season when we can harvest-craft BIOs.
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leto2626 wrote:
MLGonthorian wrote:
Anyway, that being said I think I will be skipping 3.12 and just come back when Harvest is rebalanced and core again. Harvest made me realize how the leagues before Harvest were all kind of the same, where it just involves you killing things without putting in much of any thought into anything. Killing is fun in PoE, don't get me wrong, but it does get rather boring after a while. That is why I and others spend time decorating hideouts instead as a nice side activity to do, and then making of the garden and planting seeds as well as the flower mechanic with the seeds and the awesome t4 boss fights and Oshabi that you would look forward to, finally felt like a breath of fresh air in PoE.
Please do read your own comment again and see the contradiction : you want something different to do. Heist looks like something different. You skip the league. Err .. what?
Please do read your own reply to my comment again and see your own contradiction as well as cherry-picking. Read the first part of my comment or before what you reference, where I explain the reasons that heists are played out in media, such as movies and even in other games like Runescape. I listed a ton of reasons for not wanting to partake in the Heist league, along with the fact of me being tired of content being cut from the game that I, as well as others, get attached to and hope to stay but it ends up not staying and I don't want to go through the same thing again.

Sure Heist looks different in a sense and I'm sure it will be amazing, but just not my cup of tea. On top of the fact that I sincerely enjoyed the making of the garden activity from PoE as it finally made me really enjoy the game again and I would rather come back to PoE when Harvest is balanced enough to be in the game again as mentioned by the devs who say Harvest needs balance before it goes core. Sorry if my opinion caused you any consternation.
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All thos complaining, is waaay too early for any criticism. League looks interesting so far, could be a very good one, thanks for the work done so far!
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bump nice xd
FightFW wrote:
All thos complaining, is waaay too early for any criticism. League looks interesting so far, could be a very good one, thanks for the work done so far!

If It's too early for criticism than It's too early for praise.

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