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Character Effect
Weapon Effect
Weapon Skin
Skill Effect
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Also lol, skill effect, what a waste of time. More blurry eye-searing recolours of regular weapon or spell trails. Wooooooo!!!! GET HYPE!!!
when will put a pet toucan
Probably all of the skills you've neglected while giving other skills multiple effects.
No fun allowed.™
I think best change to the microtransaction system would be to make it actually a microtransaction, the prices are way over the top, for instance you can buy a triple A game for 60 dollars. 20 dollars for some effects is way over the top, micro means under 10 dollars if larger cosmetic it would be max 20 dollars, anything above it moves beyond micro. All the single cosmetics should be under 20 dollars.

You would actually get more sales if reduced the prices by even 40% and keep it that way, not doing sales which sell it even above what it should cost even at discounts.

Raise Toucan zombie skin
Need more brains, exile?
Write in: "Weapon Alternate effect" you know that thing there's a slot for that don't exist in the MTX store?
Quadrupling the number of 0.00001% chance Boss encounters in the game while at the same time quadrupling the number of things you need to juggle (masters, leagues, splinters) is not a net increase in CONTENT; its a NET INCREASE IN CONTENT YOU NEVER GET TO DO
interesting idea but I wont vote since I most likely will not buy it.

but it would be totally interesting if this kind of votes actually applied to important things for the game.
Turning players into payers.

Imagine making excuses for a billion dollar company that will never recognize you as anything else but a future open wallet.

Chapter: XVIII.
It would be nice if these options weren't so unoriginal. Give us something we don't already have to many of please.
don't vote for skills unless you want very popular skill to win, your inset [meme, bad skill] won't win. besides i dont even think GGG will put all the skill gems in the poll there is way to many.
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Moar cyclone effex ploxxx

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