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Character Effect
Weapon Effect
Weapon Skin
Skill Effect
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Shield and Effect Skill
We need more shield love
Shield!!! <3
Imagine havin the time even for polls but not to unban players and let them vote also...

I wish we could apply "weapon Effects" to minions, since they are our weapons after all. That would allow for countless cool "minion skins" created by users themselves (through purchasing or already owning various weapon effects).

I feel like there is not enough cool minion skins in general. Obviously all of this is subjective but some skins are "hit or miss" with minions for me personally.

However, the most important "flaw" with skins and effects in general is that some look cool while stationary, but look and "feel" bad during movement or mass-combat situations.

As far as this poll goes, Skill Effect all the way!

So far I have never seen a high-quality skill effect in POE worth buying right-off-the-bat.

Skill effects in POE that are just a "flat texture" that is invisible at certain angles is pure BS and a waste of money. Some "Portal skins" fall into that category.

I wish GGG would put more effort into AAA-grade skill effects, even if they are even more expensive than current ones. As long as they are AAA-grade and look amazing during visual carnage on the screen as well as during leveling when there are only few monsters being killed.

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Get hyped for celestial whirling blades!
I see skill effect as an option, I'm a sucker for herald effects so I pick the choice that can become a herald
Le Toucan Will Return
great idee :)
Rigged votes
Tvätta dina händer i min stjärt
dumb guys voting for skill effect lol.. Skill that will be nerfed or not in meta. Vote for anything else that might be used instead.
It should return 80% of an MTX's current cost as points that can then be spent as I wish... not tossing something in and getting one of a thousand random results...

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