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How about giving us the option of customizing MTX?

99 cents for each slot.

Edit slots for an additional 99 cents. So $1.98 for 2 versions of an item slot.

Say you want a purple helmet, blue gloves, and red boots.

That's $2.97. You like the helmet, but want a different glowing hue on it.

Edit helm, see what it looks like, and purchase for $0.99

Maybe you want Koam's Heart to glow Green, edit skin glow to green, like and buy for 99 cents.

We buy mtx to look cool and win, what's cooler than being an OG and having your own custom skin?
Voted :) Portal.
𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣 SCARABS!
I NEEED AWESOME ARMOUR SET FROM THE DARK SOULS RRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and from many other games. Why are you afraid of such collaborations??

But we really need more effects for skills(but not celestial please, no more, stop it). Because the old effects are BORING.
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Since we're taking community input:

Okay, GGG, listen carefully.

1. A hideout...

2. In the Doomguard Hideout/Sunspire Hideout/Glimmerwood hideout size range...

3. With the Primoridal Blocks tileset...

4. ...except over lava instead of over a misty drop.

Estuary Hideout would also be acceptable.
Awakened Combustion Support when?
This is awesome!
They have probably already made them all already, they just want more engagement/hype around buying mtxs
Maureeseeo wrote:
POrtal = Everyone can use.

So what? Do we have a shortage of effects on portals? I think there are a lot of them
[Removed by Support]
While I do like skill effects I want it to be usable with more than one skill.
Supporter packs also should have weapon skin for all weapons.

We only see it in the most part of times for melee or 2h
Why don't we have Sunprism Character Effect ? This is so unfair to Empyrean.

Come on GGG

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