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Just a thought but why not character portrait ??? Why is it not even one of the choices?

webas wrote:
dumb guys voting for skill effect lol.. Skill that will be nerfed or not in meta. Vote for anything else that might be used instead.

Maybe people just want to save money after carona-chan sucked them dry, thus voted for junk
Character or portal effect makes the most sense. Everyone would be able to use it.
Skill Effect, but especially for skills that have no effects rn. Dominating Blow, Glacial Hammer, Scourge Arrow, Other Brands. Would be nice to have a lot more minion mtx too, since a lot of builds run a golem, relic, or something on the side.
Voted character effect. But guess that’s not happening D:
IGN: JerleVDSlinger
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
can i get a answer from ggg that explains why mtx is so expensive ?
How about you spend the time otherwise spent on creating mtx on making the game and next league better
xenoblade220 wrote:
can i get a answer from ggg that explains why mtx is so expensive ?

Because keeping MTX expensive makes them more exclusive and also makes towns less cluttered with people wearing MTX.

If something is too cheap, everyone will wear it, and then no one will wear it because driving a black car when everyone is driving a black car is boring to a lot of people.

I find it good that MTX in POE aren't dirt cheap.

However, I wish the quality of any MTX would be much higher and would be tested in-game in real-world gaming conditions and not just some third-party 3D viewing program.

Some MTX are really of poor quality and some are pretty good and detailed, but start looking like crap during real-world mass-combat situations.

They could improve on this IMO.

I think GGG outsources MTX creation to various places across the globe, mostly asia though I think. This means that some 3D Artist or animator is better than another, hence some MTX looking very poorly because they were done by someone that didn't have talent or experience really.

For example the Portal MTX section in the MTX Store has portals that are literally just a "Flat Texture" and in many situations the portal looks either like absolute crap or is not visible at all.

I wish those "Flat Texture MTX" would receive improvements that improve on 3D-Space volume so the MTX looks as intended at any angle and have a feel of "substance" to them.
Why isn't character effect winning :<
TOP_Commander wrote:
also makes towns less cluttered with people wearing MTX.

Have you, uh, BEEN to a town in game lately?

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