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some genius on Reddit suggested a Toucan Ancestral Totem that pecks at foes

I didn't want an Ancestral Totem effect before that post. I want one now.
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popularity contest

Of course most people want skill mtx, like me

It doesnt really matter what my character is wearing since I cant ever actually see my character behind the gigantic wings or whatever screen clutter...

So the only thing people really see while playing are skill effects

Popularity will either make it an aura mtx, herald mtx, or one of the top 5 super meta skills

GGG like - hey how do you guys wanna spend ur money?

Takes free statistics, sees what categories people want... see's the most favorable mtx and what a majority of people wanna buy

I bet we will see it reflected in the store sooner or later lol
Make already shield and apparition effectfor combo grimwood set...
I want a Set from Le Toucan =)
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this game already has so much MTX in almost every category I honestly don't care for any of these options

it would be nice to have a shield effect, like a weapon effect, but applied to a shield instead of a weapon

maybe even a quiver effect that is not part of the quiver

maybe even a helmet effect that's not just an attachment but an effect on an some helmet MTX

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If GGG agree to something like that, they will have a lot to work on in terms of microtransactions. I love the idea. Also the need to fix something like skill gems MTX from items like soul mantle.
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TauOrigin wrote:
Maureeseeo wrote:
POrtal = Everyone can use.

So what? Do we have a shortage of effects on portals? I think there are a lot of them

Yes, there are way to many trash portals and far to less good looking portals....
Ice shot mtx but dont nerf it right after.
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Honestly, I'm not very interested for MTX.

I'm an exile, and human, so I don't like, MTX which changes the appearance of characters like a god, demon, and monster. I like looking at the original 3D art of the gear which the character equips, so I don't use MTX which replace gear art to another completely.

So, MTX I use is mostly limited to skill effects. Occasionally I equip a cloak, but a wing never.

And about the skill effect, I like a thing that it matches a build theme. For example, the Acid Magma Orb effect is amazing when using it with converting chaos. I'm sad that there are few things that can be used that way.

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