Path of Exile Is Coming to macOS in September!

NakedWire wrote:
Caulder10 wrote:
Raghin wrote:
I'd avoid the macOS store unless you want them to start asking for a cut of your profits.

What % of 0 is profits?

Stores usually ask you for cut of ALL transactions made in game published there. Not just the main game but all MTX. See Epic Games and their recent Fortnite drama.

Don't forget, someday we might have a POE mobile lol
So they would totally ask for a cut of MTX profits.
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.
dyneol wrote:
bogossogob wrote:
MekaDragon wrote:
Please, support GNU/Linux as well!

While it's not the same as having a native client, you can already run it under linux through the web browser

POE in full HD full detail I get around 60-90 fps (150fps in hideout)

Why would you do that ? :o It runs fine with wine. Easy install via lutris or steam (proton).

Playable yes, "fine"? No!
silverhand31 wrote:

Playable yes, "fine"? No!

Flawless, actually, when shaders are compiled.

Nvidia might still have problems, but who would use nvidia when they plan on gaming on linux :D
Yes! Waited for official mac port since 2013!
Thailand Player
Add linux please and we are golden.
Is there a recommended System Requirements yet ?
People Before Profit - Community Before Corporations.
Linux please!!!
arm support?
Yes Linux please since the last 3,11,2 patch just broke the compatibility with Wine / Proton
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Where can I find the macos client?

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