Harvest Statistics: Unique Items, Maps and the Most Deadly Areas

Would be nice if you could mouse-over all those items mentioned.
Most campaign mini bosses need tweaking, it doesn't make sense that Piety in Act 4 is tougher fight than Malachai, or Innocence is tougher than Kitava in Act 5. Merveil is ridiculously OP. I presume Azurite Mine deaths are mostly "on death" effects which is stupid by itself.
keep up the good work learning curve was huge but now finally getting it all down still learning but here to stay gave up blizz games this is my game of choice for now on :)

Golem builds will get the knife !!!!!!!

i hope not!!!
do a little nerf to some of the leveling bosses , and everyone will be happy :D

Please call the opposite of Hardcore "Softcore", not "Standard".
Your current naming only confuses names as Standard is already the name for the permanent economy part of the game.

If you worry that softcore players would feel bad for the name, don't, I'm a softcore player with hundreds and thousands of deaths (-:
My mirror thread https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2756556
I cant wait for 3.12 info !!! will play harvest anywany till its possible :)
Nightyb wrote:
Would be nice if you could mouse-over all those items mentioned.

My mirror thread https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2756556
These unique stats don't mean anything because of Golem builds using 10 of some of them.

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