Harvest Statistics: Unique Items, Maps and the Most Deadly Areas

Sirus is easy once you know all of the mechanics, I can't believe i use to think it was super difficult
Playing Path Of Exile since talisman
azurite mine most deadly-----> tier 8 map drop at 1000+ depth in citys very rewarding not power creep at all...
I hope u have enough seeds in ur heads to limit any type of primordial jews, and nerf aura(any type support and stacking build) and also nerf all "new" spectres...

Oh forgot, ofc in addition to all this nerfs u must delete glancing blows from tree and nerf spellslinger...
SP33D Always in my veins...
The only thing i read from all of this. "Glancing Blows will be receiving a nerf in Patch 3.12"
Could we get an acess to see ppl below 15k at ranking?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
What's interesting here is how nobody cares about unique armors, weapons, amulets, rings and belts.
Thanks for the good work GGG!! POG
We have an Atlas shuffle coming up in the 3.12.0 update, so it will be interesting to see how this shakes up in three months time!

Can you please provide an image of the new atlas with the announcement of the map tiers this time?

It was pretty annoying having to plan atlas strategy with POEDB.
This information is clearly wrong

In your previous post you stated that:
Harvest has made it too easy to gain very powerful items

And now you are stating that:
As is expected, Kitava(Act 10)... proves to be a commendable challenge.

How is it possible that your players aren't able to kill Kitava without dying but have no problem using harvest crafting to create "very powerful items"????
(which requires heavy end-game grinding, some crafting experience and even third-party sites)

Are you sure you are designing the game for your actual audience?
Harvest has been great. Wondering if the next league which has been hyped quite a bit so far would top this.

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