[3.12] Juggernaut Earthquake Bleed Build - Tanky AF - 7M Shaper DPS

Anyone interested to see my gear my account is public. Character is Lograthson

I followed the POB for the tree and here is my POB


Sardeed wrote:
Is this just up to 3.12 or still viable in Ultimatum 3.14?

Anyway i will still gonna try and level it since it looks nice and will bring info if it sucks.

Thx, if someone answered with his opinion what needs changing.

I posted my POB for the community fork. Look at it if you want. I can try to answer any questions that you may have
How useful is Soul Tether, really?

I sometimes run out of mana because Pride and Flesh And Stone reserve so much. I only have 113 now, so I've been thinking about getting a belt that adds some mana...

My character is public if you want to take a look.

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