Patch 3.11.1f Deployment and Full Patch Notes

thank you GGG
Nice, no mention to the crash when finishing to kill a crop on Sacred Grove. It`s been like this for 2 weeks now.
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patch patch patch it up
When a GTX 1060 Ti takes 10 min to load just a town due to Bloom. That means its an awesome update to the game :P WTS NEWTS!
yes it's very hard to play now , imagine
i did sirus fight and he is invisible and all his attacks also can't see them this is after i waited like 5 min in the arena to load the storms

i just will not play after they fix this my cpu usage also became high
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Totally awesome patch!!!!!!

Oriath town a blinding white with a bunch of half rendered characters floating in the light... left after 30 seconds of town still totally white.

Only took 3 full effin minutes for all my hideout decorations to finish loading.

Then I went to azruite mine emcampment... floor covered with random blue squares.

then went to A9 Highgate, most of it loaded within 10 seconds, but took over 30 seconds till the red water turned from pure milk white into the normal red graphics.

A7 invisible bridge with water flowing through down beneath... good thing I don't get vertigo... that took about 5-8 seconds to resolve.

A6 Lioneye's... blinding white ground, some of the squares of white took 6-8 seconds to turn into actual ground

A4 Highgate... lovely boats floating above a blue void... about 8 seconds.

A1 Lioneye's... white squares on the ground... that one resolved quicker, like 2 seconds.

If it stays this way, this game is going to now be a horror for me to play.

Thanks so much GGG.

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OTOH Karui Shores never loaded this fast before....hahaha
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Go to Game directory and delete All ShaderCache folders(ofc while game client is closed). Go to Documents \Users\<YourWindowsUsername>\Documents\My Games\Path of Exile and delete all folders inside this folder(u can keep online filters and screenshots). After this most of bugs gone(after u run game client and all shaders and etc load first time).
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JugJugJug wrote:
Totally awesome patch!!!!!!

Update to my previous post...

Just did a delve... took me till 3 screens away from the starting point till i could actually see my creeping frost projectiles on the screen, and there were invisible monsters all the way to the end node that could be percieved only after i'd hit them with damage and little life bars floating above nothing appeared to show me their location....

This is just fucking stupid.

Edit: so if I enter the delve, and then just wait 30+ seconds before starting it, then I can see my projectiles and the monsters... that's just fucking stupid GGG, you're supposed to be fixing performance not BREAKING it!!
That, that is, is. That, that is not, is not. Is that it? It is.
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