Patch 3.11.1f Deployment and Full Patch Notes

Awesome, thank you.
Il n’y a pas de soleil sans ombre, et il faut connaître la nuit.
Added a Bloom slider in the Graphics Options, allowing you to adjust the intensity of bloom effects from 25% to 130% of their base intensity.

Could we get a 'Bloom: Off' setting on that slider bar, please?
Pog for the Bloom effect ! Thanks !

There is a fix for:
-electricity disappear from deco? especially for the MTX decoration that some of whom have bought for this purpose..
-some hideout shape are cut like Battle scared on a corner or Enlighten etc and deco from old ho disappear.
-pipe color are not the same ( way better in 3.10 )

Edit after patch: still have this orange color ambiant
Feel the 25% bloom is just the "slight" before patch :/
Last edited by LeShor on Aug 17, 2020, 9:41:22 PM
They turned us into newts... (it got better).
only took them till the end of the league to somewhat fix that fucking bloom... im impressed they gave us a slider instead of enforcing it at a set value like so many things GGG is too worried that the game looks acceptable on streams but kinda forget better have some people play with minecraft settings rather than playing with 10 fps but i guess the World is different on that little island down there compared to the rest of the world

Thanks for working on bloom, hope the changes are enough.
I will definitely be turning as far down as possible.

Just this weekend I went through a big section of ice zone in delve and the bloom on flares was so absurd.
When I kill a man he stays dead.
new glacial cascade mtx plssss
(also earthshatter <3)
Thanks Bex. Aloha
bloomin fantastic

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