Patch 3.11.1f Deployment and Full Patch Notes

lets have black filter to the chat better that that wts transfer shit,
i would have (WTS|WTB|WTT|LF|LFG|LFM|INFO|DEATAILS|CARRY) and thats only what i just remembered
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Thank god I can still say newts in global chat.
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Reduced the intensity of Bloom effects from Delve Flares.

Many thanks! That was the second most anoying bloom effect I had this league. Tho most was Celestial Hideout tileset. Don't know why, but it felt strange.
They will just say "Selling" "sell" or just "s" to sell in global.
That WTS filter will only hit completely brain AFK creatures
Reduced the intensity of Bloom effects from Delve Flares.
This is a buff!
3.12 Newts League confirmed.
My eyes thank you, as does the rest of me!

I assume progress is being made with instances where bloom was much brighter than intended and not something we'll see listed in patch notes for each little thing?
neWTS Shavronne's Wrappings
Le Toucan Will Return
here i go wishing i can set the slider to 0 in the config file

wish me luck & please gtfo bloom - for me.

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