Patch 3.11.1f Deployment and Full Patch Notes

What kind of spaghetti code is this...
You guys published a patch, that literally broke the game.
Stages now load so long, I'm getting constant disconnects, and I have a beast of PC.
I could run Warframe on ultra details in window mode (game with much more action, render distance and details) and still have more than half of pc resources free, but this shite can't run properly even in mid settings.

Tbh, you could just literally modify one integer, one line of code and get rid of this shite timeout you've set, for what reason is it ingame anyway? I just lost 5 portals on map, I even got disconnected from hideout, jesus christ I can't even process how bad is this ._.
zxdrrtolkin13 wrote:
Hm i play on Steam version, out of my 100mbps speed i have 10mbps at max, am i the only one?

Happened to me too, I got 50 Mbps here and I was downloading at like 1.3 Mb/s all the time, which was pretty annoying when it's a 5GB patch.
SisterBlister wrote:
Thomas wrote:
Can anyone still having the patch download problem please try again now, and let us know if it's fixed?

It works for me now. Frankfurt gateway.

Also, delves are now much nicer with bloom at 25%. Thank you!

Finnly i was abble to downlaod all client ty for call (also frankfurt here). TY GGG game looks so good :)
5gb on steam update to keep the same issues, sad :(
I downloaded this patch yesterday. Log in today and get another patch and it's 5gb....
Rekt_that wrote:
If you think forcing bloom on with the reason being "artisic vision" would get anything but a negative response...

You can't have a positive discussion when their stance on everything is deal with it or leave

This has always been the case with GGG. They release constant supporter packs to fund their game while they tell you what you will want and enjoy. They ask a small biased group of individuals for feedback on the progress and go from there.

The game was never about making a game for ARPG fans or what the playerbase ultimately wants or thinks is the best, it was as a project to make a successor to d2 with their ideas. This means you fund them to make it how they want and trust them to to good for the community. Do this while maintaing a highly profitable company and ignore anyone whining or complainining with something you disagree with is added otherwise show them the door.

Benevolent dictator for life, GGG.

But seriously, it's their game, their choice with your money... Now with the sell out partially their money too. I choose to let them do their thing and not complain as it is pointless and just refrain from supporting anymore.
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Looks way better. Even on high bloom. The exposure I think might have been the biggest issue it seems, aside from creating bloom it also made everything too bright. Now even at 130% its playable.

Great work.
Send newts :x
Ty for fixing the bloom, wich was not a huge problem to start with .. while making the game unplayable for alot of players because of the drop in frame rates, constant freezes and game disconects. Cant do a single map anymore without dying 3-5 times because of the freezes. Elder and Oshabi totally unkillable because the map loads slower than they attack youu .. not like i spent 100 maps to spawn Oshabi just to fail it because of the new patch.
Please do something about this GGG. Been getting a lot of lag spikes since the patch.
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