Patch 3.11.1f Deployment and Full Patch Notes

Im having a lot of FPS drops since this bloom patch....
WTF is this ? are you serious ? i downloaded this path via steam and it couldnt be installed so the steam decided to download the whole game insted ? what is going on with it ? again 33 gb to download? did you even test it before going live?
sobek1555 wrote:
WTF is this ? are you serious ? i downloaded this path via steam and it couldnt be installed so the steam decided to download the whole game insted ? what is going on with it ? again 33 gb to download? did you even test it before going live?

Steam is awful with patch management, you need to see an update in "Ark" game, the whole folder is duplicated (150gb), maybe some day they will rework that, maybe after the launch of HL3 xD.
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You did good with the bloom slider GGG, thank you kindly for listening to the community!
и тут нытье о размере патча)
So, I think I must make a statement regarding the atmosphere here and what comments have become over the last months and especially weeks.
Every morning I wake up and then read the POE news and comments. But over the last time it has just became annoying to even look in the comments with all the hate and whining all the time.
I have the feeling there is no post GGG can make without 80% of the comments writing how bad everything has become and how much better they know everything etc.

But what makes me really sad is the level on level on which we communicate with each other and GGG. There is so much aggression and personal attack which can never be justified in any way or because of any update and decision.
Are people thinking because of the anonymity of the internet that’s ok?
And I have the feeling that now with covid19 it became even worst, and people are frustrated and work of their aggression on a game company.

Of course, the game and GGG is not perfect and mistakes have been made, but I can´t handle all that bad mood all the time anymore and it is not useful for the game. It is all right and really important to give constructive feedback to GGG. But personal attack or even worst stuff destroys this community and game!
No one can read this and just ignore it, I´m shure it matters for the developers and touches them. So instead of helping the game it just hurts it, because it´s steeling the developers time and motivation.
My point is not that sometimes there is a problem with something in the game, it´s just that EVERYTIME people are unsatisfied. Please understand, that this game is so big that there will never be a decision or update or league where everybody will be satisfied. It´s the same with every league, for some it’s the “best league ever, I will stop playing if it doesn´t go core” and others hate it and it destroys POE and doesn´t fitt at all…
And of course: everyone (of course having no clue from game development. There are so many not well thought comments that doesn´t make any sense) knows whats the best for the game. If those people would make the decisions everything would be better… *irony off*

And if a patch doesn’t go well and has bugs (there is always a chance that could happen, especially in a game with a narrow update-cycle like POE) it´s annoying I get that. I´m also not happy if this happens. But I feel like people are just waiting for it so they have another reason to personally attack others and gave vent to their frustration instead of really care about that game.
It´s annoying if something like this happens, but not the end of the world, it´s still a game. And let us not forget that we also make mistakes and sometimes the technical problem sits in front of the monitor and not at GGG.

I know there are a lot of people that love that game and enjoy the hype about it, but there are also a few that are very loud poisoning the atmosphere. So please let us all calm down and communicate in a civilized way. Because GGG cares about this game and they need feedback from us, but not in this way.
They need good critique for things that needs work and they need support and praise for all the good stuff they make. And there is a lot of stuff that is great, it´s just us mostly looking for the bad stuff and take the good stuff for granted.

PS: For people thinking that aggression is the only way GGG listens to us, I´m just shocked…
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If you think forcing bloom on with the reason being "artisic vision" would get anything but a negative response...

You can't have a positive discussion when their stance on everything is deal with it or leave
And all of this requires 5 GIGS of update? WTF
Can't even update the game.
Patch update is stuck at 80.20% when downloading a 37.86MB file
I get "failed to connect to instance" errors every 1-3 instance change (both while creating new one or connecting to existing one). Pls fix, the game is unplayable atm, tried everything on my end to fix this

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