[3.13] Archmage Blade Vortex Hierophant | 20k EHP 40m DPS | Depth 2000 Delve Tank

is this build still working or dead since 3.13?
is this build still working or dead since 3.13?

in 3.14 it was okay to play it. it had lost a lot of cool features and was harder to get running.
but now in 3.15 it's almost dead.

maybe with a lot of testing and adjusting you can get it running again, but i would wait playing this until you have a lot currency to throw at it.
thought so, thank you!
RIP my favourite poe build
I will upload a Sirus video in 3.15 with no changes compared to 3.14.
So I was thinking about this on the way home to log in for the new league.

Archmage can support triggered abilities now, so while this BV build is almost assuredly dead, there is opportunity for new life.

Current thoughts are something like Cyclone + some junk + Scold's Bridle, team that up with MoM, Agnostic, and a shitton of mana regen

Then load the rest of your dude down with CWDT + Archmage + Your favorite Spell

I'm not sure what the best option here is but i think it's probably hierophant, you can burn through so much mana so quickly that just reducing the costs by 50% is probably a bonus.

I'm still trying to decide how I want to go about it, but will likely be building something to this effect during this league.

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