[3.13] Archmage Blade Vortex Hierophant | 20k EHP 40m DPS | Depth 2000 Delve Tank

Can your tank take a hit or even two, and how is your regen, especially on Aul?

Also, do you think it's possible or even worth it, to integrate a Headhunter into your build? Or would that weaken the defense too much?

At 2000, the build can tank one Knight hit (I call them chargers), but cannot tank any of Aul's basic or special attacks.

At 1500, it can tank one basic attack from Aul but not his slice, whirling blades, or slam attacks.

At 1000, it can tank one slice, or one whirling blades, or multiple basic attacks, or multiple chargers.

All of these above are for Auls with no damage mods. With dmg mods lower your expectations accordingly. If you got hit once, leech, regen and recharge should get you from zero to full in about 5 secs. If you are getting hit repeatedly at lower depths, I highly recommend a mana flask instead of a quartz since Indigon almost triple dips the recovery from mana flasks.

I don't like Headhunter much, and this build doesnt benefit from a lot of the more common HH mods: Atk/Cast speed, phys as extra dmg, extra projectiles, all of these are great for many other builds but do nothing for archmage BV.

Hey Rudy!

Thanks for this awesome build. I nearly completed crafting all my gear. Crafting it was pure fun :) Thanks for all advice You have me during playing. Right now I'm reaching 30+ Sirus/Shaper DPS. All content is melting when i click BV button :D I would recommend this build to everybody since its:
1. Beginner friendly,
2. Gear not complicated to craft,
3. Very specified interesting mechanic with Indigon,
4. One of best defensive builds in game.

Thanks for all! :)))
Thx for the quick answer! Leveling my old man atm, so i'll probably start delving tomorrow. Already thought, that HH wouldn't be the perfect fit here. On my poison bv he works pretty nice, but had to work around quite a bit to get it working.

If anyone is interested in quick leveling tips gearwise, i'm leveling with Storm Brand atm. Worked fine the last few times i leveled a caster. Arc (self-cast or with mines) is pretty nice too, all the way up to Kitava.


Those are the items i'm using on every new char i'm leveling. I only upgrade a few items after Act 5 upwards, when i feel the need for it.

Ok, Act 1 to 10 done. Buying / crafting gear now.

For anyone also getting his stuff: you can save couple of ex on the gloves, since they are pretty easy to craft. Buy them for 30ex upwards, or craft them for ~4ex. Here's how you do it:


- Get a Hunter-Based FSG for ~1.2ex with at least item level 85 (needed for unnerve)
- Get some "Deafening Essence of Misery", which craft "69-77 to maximum mana" on your gloves and only cost a few chaos. Try a few times until you get at least a T2 life roll in addition. As an alternative, you could use Pristine + Lucent fossils for Life + Mana
- For the end result, you need to have 1 open prefix and 1 open suffix. Best case scenario: you got 2 useless suffixes and an open prefix. If not, hope that you can remove them with harvest-crafting, or try your luck with annulling them off.
- It's important to only have ONE open suffix. Unnerve is a caster modifier, and it's the only caster-tag for prefixes, but there are a few caster-suffixes.
- Use "Prefixes cannot be changed"-bench craft
- Augment caster modifier
- Use an Orb of Scouring
- Add resistances as you please

Overall cost: 1.2ex for the base, 2ex for bench-craft, couple chaos for Fossils or Essences and your harvest crafts.
Well, you also need one big dex roll. You can get it on ring or boots, but its best to roll dex on gloves since it can roll up to 60 dex. So the starting step is to alt spam until you hit mana + dex.

Someone else made a concise list here, or a much more detailed process here.
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Saw it too late, that the Dex requirements are pretty high. Well... already crafted mine, so guess i'll just add 30 dext on the gloves and get the rest from boots, ring or talent tree. At least for start-up gear.

Ok, so... just for starters, i'm using a "Careful planing" for now, which transforms int in radius to dext. It's far from perfect, but for now until i see, if this build is sth i like, i guess it's ok.
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How important is the helm enchant? Saw its about 20ex. But wondering how much it contributes overall to the build.
Laere wrote:
How important is the helm enchant? Saw its about 20ex. But wondering how much it contributes overall to the build.

You should have 10 blades up, so helm enchant gives you another 30% Crit Multiplier. It's pretty much equal to a notable, e.g. "Heart Seeker". Pretty cheap to get on a rare helmet, but on unique helmets, a good enchant is more like a luxury upgrade if you don't have anything else you could upgrade. If you like running Uber Lab, you could try to get it yourself. With the upgraded version (Gift to the Goddess) and a Twice Enchanted prophecy, you get 9 uses of the Divine Font.
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Laere wrote:
How important is the helm enchant? Saw its about 20ex. But wondering how much it contributes overall to the build.

+3% crit enchant is about a 5.5 - 6% more dps multiplier. The slightly cheaper 40% inc dmg enchant is about a 4% more dps multiplier. So yes, Indigon enchants are luxury upgrades.
Did you think about switching Phase Run for Withering Step? WS gives you less movement speed bonus than PR, but it grants phasing and in addition spell / attack dodge via elusive. Don't know if it's really necessary as additional layer of defense, but i'm using it on my poison bv build and am quite fond of it.

Also, would you recommend getting cluster jewels or regular jewels first?

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