[3.13] Phoenixscales Cold BV Inquisitor - All Content ready - including Video Showcase/Guide!

Also whats your opinion on the new crit ascendancy node with str and int? Is it a buff or a nerf or no change?

I think its a change thats good for Leveling and early game, as we get quite a bit of both Strength and Intelligence, about 200 of each later on. That's far more Crit Chance and consistency early game, but losing 45% Crit Multi is quite a hit. I think this change is a nerf. The upside is we don't need an additional Strength Roll on the gear.
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I have updated the Leaguestart PoB, courtesy of Herveao who pointed out a major flaw early on. Thanks for that! https://pastebin.com/1BeTbZYW
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As I understand, Righteous Providance rather downgrade for this buid at late game, as (45 crit multy + 1.2 ailments) > (250 inc crit chance).
But can help in start/midgame, as crit build begins to work from sertain crit chance and with this nods you would feel the effect of you crit investment earlier.


Levelling via archmage may be great CON for ppl with sertain way of thinking... If we test it good you can add super interesting "levelling" section to you videoguide. IMHO.

In my experience Archmage Leveling is very smooth, especially paired with an Unleash-supported Gem. I leveled with both Unleash BV and Unleash Ball Lightning and it went smooth, both offensively and defensively with Arcane Cloak and Mind over Matter. It's something worth trying out once in my opinion.
Regarding the video: if it works well, I will do an extra short video on that! I can't try it myself before 3.13 hits, due to time constraints until tomorrow, so experience from past starts will have to do for now.
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I was thinking about leveling with this build and realize early on you cant get much benefits from critical strike. What if we first levelup CONCRGR brunch of ascendancy and take Vitility aura? Righteous path will double it and also will add our % liferegen from tree and CONCGR to ES (as i understand). Sounds pretty unkillable, and it will help to do trials/labs, but we steel need descent amount of energy shield, and i cant understand how you can easyly get 400-500 enenrgy shield on 70 lvl...

cons: 1 No critchance on first lab (dont needed much). 2 No +50str +50int on first lab (this is bad). 3 No elepen on crit (dont needed much). 4 Need to find gear with energy shield.

procs: 1 More tankiness. 2 Easy trials. 3 Ailment immun.

just a concept...
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you say take mind over mater but the build you didnt take it why

The Mind over Matter set up is for leveling only with Archmage set up. We ditch it later.
in the leveling poB we dont take is that a mistake ? + if we are not aura staking anymore do we need staff cant we go with wand and shild or dual wand
Both Mind over Matter and not taking Auras is for Leveling. I think its easier to level with Archmage than using no auras at all. For that reason, the levling does not use a Staff.
You can also choose to ditch Auras in the late game or use a wand&shield if that is what you want. It is just what I did and showed off here. You will most likely lose damage however.

just a concept...

I understand your concerns. In fact, when I leveled this was my route as well. The conversion to Crit & Staff shouldn't happen at 55 anyway, so it is a bit wasted to even go for that. However, I think the damage might be lacking until you get your Uber lab. It was perfectly fine for me in harvest since I had some of my gear already.

The way I see it is follows:
Pros for taking Ailment Immunity first:
Consecrated Ground wherever you are -> inc damage taken, inc crit chance against enemies, huge Life Regen with vitality. (Getting some flat es is not a big deal, you can roll a body armour with 200 es easily, then some on helmet and boots perhaps.)
Cons: Waiting for Uber Lab & Inevitable Judgement can take a while, especially on SSF. Having this at just 85 or so you will miss out on quite some damage.
Also, your third Lab is quite wasted on just Righteous Providence. Perhaps it is better to take Augury of Penitence or Battlemage and then respec later.

Overall, I think it could very well be better to go for Pious path first. It is huge QoL and defense. I just think that the defensive part has been taken care of with MoM and Arcane Cloak, and I think the damage from Inevitable Judgement is really nice to have in a Leaguestart environment.
Started with this build, somehow instead of growing archmage+mom it became wavw_of_conv+heralds+regen_ascend_tree. Shifted to Gidrosphere + BW on 50 or some lvl.
No porblems with dps, also almost can tank facetank kitavas, i like the results.

New possibilities: Hydrosphere scales good with this build. You can get permonent Trynity 3 elem resonanse if can gat 2 equiel elements on bw.
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