[3.13] Phoenixscales Cold BV Inquisitor - All Content ready - including Video Showcase/Guide!

If you have an updated PoB for 3.12 that would be really helpful.

I played this at the end of last league, but only got it to maps before the league ended, so would like to try it again.
Hey, I will try to update it tomorrow, mostly with changes from 3.11 -> 3.12 and the PoB.
Thank you. That would be enough I believe.
Hey, here is an updated PoB for 3.12, primarily for the early stages.
it is also on the main post and I will further post updates there.
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Wonderful! Thank you.

Only thing that I don’t understand is the blade fall skill.

As far as resistances forget, I assume that they can be fixed from gear, so that isn’t an issue.

Cheers for the update.
Ah yes, I didn't include the resistances, but most suffixes are open so they should fit on boots, rings etc.
I think I did include the Bladefall since i tried out Blade Blast, but that also detonates the BV stacks. Perhaps this could be swapped out for increased duration, or swap Precision for blind support and get additional defences from Blind + Bladefall. It is however not necessary for the build to function.

Edit: I checked the character and I actually slotted in Vaal RF, just as it is in the name of the Skill Group in PoB. Vaal RF for additional Burst Damage for metamorphs/Map Bosses is quite potent and would be my suggestion over Bladefall.
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Thanks for good build.

i wanna ask something.

in early, maybe i have mana reservation problem.

which aura is most necessary? i cant choose.

next, i dont know start of crafting

Tell me the options I need to get started.

Especially I have no idea how to make that rings and helmet.

Honestly, I don't know much about other items too

thx for read my terrible english.

I'll wait for your answer while making the staff. :D
Hey, thanks for taking interest in the build.
I think the build will be strong again, thanks to reintroducing harvest into the game, so I think I'll be updating it before the start of 3.13.

Hatred should be the the best increase once you have at least the Hrimsorrow Gloves. Then you can add in one Herald to get you started, Herald of Ash for damage, and Herald of Ice for clearing, depending on what you do. Once you have some more reservation, use Zealotry and Hatred, then followed by the Heralds.

Regarding the crafting: I will update those in the guide, and will post a reply to you that they have been updated. They are under the crafting section.

Are you planning to play this in standard, or the Ritual League?
Most of the crafting was done with Harvest and will not be possible until its reintroduction in 3.13.

Best of Luck Crafting!
sorry for my question, is this build viable for league start?
Hey! I think it should be perfectly viable to leaguestart with this. Get your hands on a pair of Hrimsorrows and use Physical to Lightning support for an early 100% Conversion. You will need Dexterity on your gear pieces, but you can use skill points on +30 Dexterity nodes as well. Normal Spell Damage Staves will do and you can farm Yellow maps easily. With the addition of Harvest, I also expect the high-end gear to be fairly easily available if your plan is to continue this build. I am even considering playing this build myself as a Leaguestarter.

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