[3.13] Phoenixscales Cold BV Inquisitor - All Content ready - including Video Showcase/Guide!

Saevarna wrote:
The explodey chest is easy to roll with harvest physical crafts. All you need is to roll Reforge with Physical modifiers being more common, until you hit both phys reflect and phys taken as lightning, and then use remove non-physical add physical and you will be guaranteed to hit the explosion mod. If you have no other mods, craft with the bench anything really.

But the best way would still be to use a non influenced astral plate as base and then awakener orb the explode and +1 mods or try to craft it on the crusader base and then awakener orb the +1?
Do you have the currency to use an aworb? then buy a Shaper base. +1 is achievable in ~3 Tries with Metallic, Pristine and Dense Combo, and the Crusader Explo mod is doable with harvest. Currently, a shaper astral is 45c, while a crusader is ~200, so just go with a shaper base and craft both yourself, saving about 150c.
You should not use an uninfluenced base.
If you do not have the aworb currency, I'd still recommend saving for it, as you lose half an aworb on the base alone.
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When I open up the POB, it's showing a Ranger build. Did you switch it all over?

Doable, crafted them yesterday.

read answers below FIRST!!! My method does not work like intended!
Need some more harvest crafting tho.

So how i did it:

We need Temple-Mod 25% cold conversion (obviously)
2 open (or removable) Prefixes
2 used Suffixes (no fire or ligtning resist) Dex and Chaos-resist will be BiS here i guess.
Cold res works but can take some extra steps later.

1. Remove Prefixes we need Temple mod as single Prefix.
2. make sure u have 2 Suffixes (no fire or lightning resist)
3. Craft Cold res as third suffix
4. Crusader Slam: possible outcomes listed below

4.1 -> got cold conversion T1? -> really lucky GZ u are done
4.2 -> got fire or lightning conversion or life leech? -> remove with harvest (fire/lightning/life)and go to step 5
4.3 -> got +1 max cold? go to step 5

5. aug cold. Only mods that can appear now are +1 max resist (just aug again then)
or cold conversion (T1 or 2)

U cant really reroll the conversion if its T2 so u need to start all over again.
U can craft any other resist and do a remove influence or cold or just annul BUT I DONT RECOMMEND THIS.

hitting +1 max cold before u hit conversion u are not able to craft life anymore since we got 3 prefixes already.

Its a little gamble u can hit Conversion already with Crusader ex or get a T2 at then end. If u get t2 at the end sell them and start again.

Important: pls test it urself on https://www.craftofexile.com/ until u understood the process before u start yoloing currency :D
if copy-pasted somewhere else pls correct my mistakes since im not native english :)

GL crafting Exile

(dont use my gear as reference since i just rerolled from an attack build and still have alot useless stats on my items)
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I have a problem

I try to craft double convert gloves

i find maximum +1 cold res pop up over 75ilvl

so i prepare 74ilvl temple gloves

I slam in gloves i get tier 2 fire convert

annul fire convert and try to augment cold harvest.

but it is not working. it said there are no vaild mod on this item.

what's wrong with this?
need some change.

we cant get double convert cold with aug cold

only clusader exalt slam is working

lucky i can get in 5 time slam
I tried it several times in Craft of Exile and it worked.
Got mine also on the first slam with crusader, i feel kinda bad now since it seems its not really working ingame like it does on the Crafting page...

Edited my post tho.
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Hey, I have dabbled in other classes but this build came to my eye on the youtubes hahaha.

Is their any guide that you have too assist in starting from lvl 1 leveling up all the way? ie. what gems etc to get to assist getting to where it starts on this guide?

Hey, there is a Leveling Section in the Leaguestart PoB under 'Notes'. It is fairly detailed, I haven't made a youtube video about it.

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