[3.13] Phoenixscales Cold BV Inquisitor - All Content ready - including Video Showcase/Guide!

Sounds amazing.
Thank you for your fast reply
Hey, I made an early PoB for Heist League. it has some early progression trees as well as some budget gear. You can check it out here: https://pastebin.com/GesZp15t.
Its also worth considering forgetting about auras completely on Leaguestart and going archmage, as unleash BV synergizes very well with Archmage. Simply Spec into ARcane Capacitor and Thunderous Salvos, and you should be set to go!
On top of that, I just uploaded a video of both a T15 Toxic Sewer Run and Shaper with Gear amounting to ~2.3m Shaper DPS, which is something I think is reasonably achieved within 1-2 weeks of ritual.
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Interested in league starting ritual with this. What type of skill setup did you use while leveling?
Heyo! I would start using Freezing Pulse until Level 12, then Blade Vortex which takes off at Level 38 when you have Unleash, Archmage and BV. There is a Leveling Progression regarding Skill Gems and the Passive Tree in this PoB's Notes Section: https://pastebin.com/FEWTQXb5
You will need Dexterity on Gear and taking Dex +30 points early on to keep Leveling BV. I suggest highlighting Evasion Gear during Leveling for this purpose. BV has always performed well on a Leaguestart though in my experience.
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Heya, was practicing BV for my leaguestart and had one question. Where can we pick key defensive nodes on the tree while leveling? I feel rather squishy with capped res and 2100ish life in A7. Any tips are appreciated, not normally a spell player so its a bit foreign for me.

Edit: I do already have glancing blows and a Basalt Flask to try and mitigate more phys damage incoming, it put me around 50%ish block while using a shield for leveling.
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Heyo, thats a fairly good question. Glancing Blows and Shields are already a good defensive bonus. A basalt flask is usually not so good during the campaign and starts increasing in effectiveness during white-yellow maps. Early on both a Granite and a Jade Flask provide very good defensive Boni. Something that always helps is having a bigger Lifepool, either via allocating more Life Passives on the tree or using alternate systems such as mana. Since I recommended Archmage Leveling, it is possible to spec into Mind over Matter, using Arcane Cloak on left Click and a Mana Flask during Leveling. Arcane Cloak is a Guard skill synergizing very well with Mind over Matter and Mana Recovery, and I would then rush to Dynamo by the Scion Life Wheel as well.
From 3.11 I can tell that the Mind over Matter and Block approach made my character very tanky during Leveling, barely losing HP to anything.
On top of that you could use Enduring Cry for Endurance Charges and Life Regeneration during Bosses, since I think it is too clunky on clear without Call of Arma.
Sadly this builds defensive capabilites mostly shine later into the game, with ES and Physical to Elemental Conversion Options.

- Mind over Matter and Mana Approach: use Arcane Cloak on Left Click and allocate Dynamo ASAP, also use a Mana Flask if Playing Archmage.
- Enduring Cry for Endurance Charges and Regen.
- Glancing Blows
- Jade and Granite Flasks during Leveling, Basalt on top or change Jade to Basalt during early Mapping.
- Spec into more Life on the Tree, focus on Life on Gear. ALways have Ele Resists Capped!!!

Hope some of these can be helpful to you!
Build seems interesting. Thinking of trying it tommorow. In your notes on lvling you say to take BV after entering Merveils caverns but it isn't possible as a templar. Any suggestion what to level with til level 30 when you can get it? Arc?
Also whats your opinion on the new crit ascendancy node with str and int? Is it a buff or a nerf or no change?
Well i was thinking of Bleeding Blow Gladiator... But since i saw you suggest archmage levelling, i just cant stand to test it. Newer did Archmage mechanics before.

Levelling via archmage may be great CON for ppl with sertain way of thinking... If we test it good you can add super interesting "levelling" section to you videoguide. IMHO.

For elemental leveling builds FlameWall is another great skill - just linc it to cascade and cast ocassionally when running through acts, it will kill all folowwing mobs with no time investment.


As I understand, Righteous Providance rather downgrade for this buid at late game, as (45 crit multy + 1.2 ailments) > (250 inc crit chance).
But can help in start/midgame, as crit build begins to work from sertain crit chance and with this nods you would feel the effect of you crit investment earlier.

/sorry for not very good english
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In your notes on lvling you say to take BV after entering Merveils caverns but it isn't possible as a templar. Any suggestion what to level with til level 30 when you can get it? Arc?

My bad, I forgot about that since it was not my first char in Harvest and I had access to BV. In this case I would go Storm Brand and Spec into Runebinder, this should be strong enough to get to 31/38, and you will get Respec points later anyway. It might even be interesting to keep Storm Brand as an additional 4-Link for Damage, since BV has a relaxed 3s pause after casting. I will add this to the PoB, thank you very much!

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