[3.15]Expedition PENANCE/ SPARK Aura Stack, 50M+ DPS, BEST BUILD IN GAME | 20-30 EX BUDGET VIDEO

It should be easy to do all content with budget gear besides T19 delirium maps.
Updated Guide with an explanation of which skill to choose along with an updated POB.
I'm still relatively new to the game and need someone to explain how this build reaches 100M DPS, is POB wrong (like it is for Carrion golems) or does this build heavily rely on HH? Or am I missing something huge? I'm sorry I don't really watch streams so the only place I can really ask is here.

EDIT: I'm talking about his POB version (https://pastebin.com/0i8FXfMG).
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This comeback again after the nerf in heraldry cluster jewel. Thing that not change much is "the budget" is around 40ex investment to feels good :]
What's the minimum level to swap from a normal Scion build to this one?
Hi, can you tell me why are you use a smite instead of another "aura"?
I'm going to assume it's because Smite provides an aura.

Where does the ignite come from for cinderswallow? My only sources of fire damage comes from RF, which doesn't ignite and shield charge which doesn't hit most, if any, targets.
Smite is the biggest dps upgrade for winter orb. It literally triples the damage on the tooltip and is the sole reason we use call of the brotherhood rings even though we do no lightnig damage without it.
This is a min max version for EK from Fast AF video with 126 mil dps in PoB.


Also Doryani's Delusion can be used as boots to save a gem slot as the old Heraldry version.

Edit: Someone said the PoB doesn't work, I just checked and it works perfectly fine with PoB fork version. I will leave the link from youtube to check it out.

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Interesting build. Would be tempted to do it, but these gloves.... unfindable to have all these mods on.... and the closest I could find was about 150ex....
Another ring is 120ex...

are we talking about a 1000ex minmax build?
Any idea how to get gloves like that?
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