[3.15]Expedition PENANCE/ SPARK Aura Stack, 50M+ DPS, BEST BUILD IN GAME | 20-30 EX BUDGET VIDEO


Come Watch Spark 6 Player HP Bossing in action at: Twitch.tv/Kobeblackmamba]
LATEST AURA STACKER 3.15 GUIDE:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJn7caDvWUg
LATEST AURA STACKER 3.14 VIDEO: (SKILL TIER LIST):https://youtu.be/2QTVsa2N4jo


Youtube Channel(daily updates):

6K Deep Delve Aura Stacker Guide: https://youtu.be/S4WUvPEBeSI
BOSS KILL/Deep Delve Compilation: https://youtu.be/KgLfvLNiYow
Path of Exile Tools: (free currency): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJRIXbtwDdQ
Finding Your Glorious Vanity # and making 100s of Exalts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdlCwjGuXk4
How to Calculate Aura Effectiveness on PoB: https://youtu.be/a6OUTJwKapY

Expedition 3.15 Update

Sorry I have not really updated the guide in a while as I have been busy with my stream and Youtube channel. This build has been buffed drastically in relation to other builds because of the 10% damage buff to the Spark Gem along with the 25% buff to the damage effectiveness of Spark. This results in Spark Aura Stacker only losing around 20% DPS on a maxed out POB, which is insane considering almost every single other top build lost around 40% damage. This means that Spark Aura Stacker will be the best build in 3.15, and it might get a lot more popular this time around, making the items more expensive. Overall, the build is the exact same except you will replace Controlled Destruction with Increased Critical Strikes Gem or Increased Critical Damage.

Leveling in 3.15

There are two ways to approach leveling to transition into Aura Stacker. You can play Storm Brand Archmage or do SRS Aurabot. Both are viable and will allow you to farm enough currency to afford the budget variant of the build. The SRS Aurabot can also be played with a friend as it acts as a regular Aurabot since it uses Victario's chest and Generosity on the damage auras.

I have put together two leveling guide videos for Storm Brand and SRS/minions.

3.15 Leveling w/ Armageddon Brand into Archmage Storm Brand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFYwXJDTO4I

3.15 Leveling w/ Minions and SRS Aurabot: https://youtu.be/VDiTL0Aby9U

3.15 Entry Level Aura Stacking Guide https://youtu.be/TL9QQHivx78


The build guide video is here. I did all content in game deathless with this budget, and every kill besides the Feared was deathless. The Feared could have been deathless if you just fixed the chaos resistance, but it shows that the build can be pulled off on an extremely affordable budget of even 20ex without Bottled Faith.

BUDGET POB: https://pastebin.com/4HFjyRPp
ENDGAME POB: https://pastebin.com/tKnUeZLt

Deep Delving on Aura Stacker

I finally hit 6K Deep Delve on the Aura stacker and made a quick video guide for it. I believe next league that any aura stacker with close to around 50 mil dps can go to like 3k with little changes. This may allow us a different source of income if fractured fossils are much more common at earlier depths.

Deep Delve Video Guide: https://youtu.be/S4WUvPEBeSI


RITUAL LEAGUE BUILD DIARY (May be Out of Date, but a good read nonetheless)

Day 45-Present: Empower your Auras for Free


I made a video to demonstrate how you can empower auras for free in your Hands of the High Templar by enchanting the gloves with a lab enchant. There is a weird interaction going on currently with vaal skills and the glove's lab enchant, which causes you to get the benefit of an empowered aura while reserving the mana of a non-empowered aura. Watch the video to see how to do it.

Day 43-44: (How to Calculate Aura Effectiveness)


I made a quick video on how you can calculate Aura Effectiveness on PoB. It is important to reach certain breakpoints for this build. At 300% and 400%, you get 1% extra physical damage reduction per Aura from the Guardian Ascendancy. At 300%, we get 15% max res, leading to 90% res for level 23 purities. At 375%, we are able to use level 20 Purities and still reach 90% res, allowing us to not use a +2 in our boots and helm. At 350%, we get a breakpoint for 1 extra percent attack and cast speed per aura from the Necromancer Ascendancy.

Day 41-42: (Find your Glorious Vanity and Make Mad Money)

I made a video for everyone that explains how to find your Glorious Vanity whether it is for low life or CI. I go over what is important about the jewel and how to judge what a person's Glorious Vanity may be from Poe.Ninja. Basically, we are using the Glorious Vanity because it gives us more Aura Effectiveness per Passive Point when compared to just filling out our cluster jewels. This is the primary reason why 5 Passive Point Medium Clusters are the best as we will never have the need for 6 Passive Point Clusters due to how strong Glorious Vanities are. Here is the video, which will also include a list of all the good glorious vanity numbers I have personally found.


Day 36-40: (Bugged 800 Multi Gloves- HOTFIXED)

This has been fixed, but you can watch the video if you want to see how it used to work.

Video Explanation of How to Use Gloves: https://youtu.be/s6pccJXAMSs

Day 32-35: (Discussion of CI vs Lowlife)

I get this question all the time about whether this build can be played on CI. I am currently CI because I am deep delving, and chaos damage will instantly kill you without CI. In my opinion, CI is an endgame option when your damage is high enough and prefer the defensive bonuses of chaos immunity. It is also easier to get to 400% with CI because you get an extra 10% on your shield. However, CI is harder to run all the auras with due to not being able to reserve your auras on your life. This is offset by being able to wear a Saqawal's chest, which has 10% reduced mana. In addition, you will need to run Aspect of the Avian as it is insane with the Saqawal's Chest.

The tree for CI is nearly identical with the exception that you drop pain attunement and take Chaos Innoculation node instead. This also may allow you to take a Glorious Vanity for CI in the jewel socket next to the Arcane Vision Node. There is a glorious vanity that gives 23% for only one point investment. The number for the Glorious Vanity is 6798. In order to offset the damage loss from CI, one could go 4 large clusters and then use this glorious vanity to reach 375% aura effectiveness.

Overall, CI will feel tankier, but Lowlife will have damage that is multitudes higher and can reach nearly the same amount of tankiness with 75% chaos resistance. However, CI's damage will never come close due to losing out on level 30 RF and Pain Attunement, but you will probably never need that damage after your gear is good enough, making CI a more than viable option.

Day 28-31: (Deep Delving to 6k)

Going to be deep delving to 6k with the build. If you care to deep delve, then you will need to switch to CI once you get deep enough and use the low life belt to get the benefits of Pain Attunement.

Day 26-27: (Discussion of 4 Large Cluster Jewels vs. 3 Voices)

I get asked a lot about whether to use 4 large cluster jewels or voices. After spending a lot of time on PoB and discussing with my Twitch chat, 4 large clusters will always be better for starting out due to both its cost and the fact it does more damage by a significant margin. You should only switch to Voices once you have some 3 passive point ones and can reach a breakpoint in aura effectiveness at 375% or 400%. It is currently impossible to reach 400% with 4 large clusters jewels due to too many points being spent on travel nodes.

For the large cluster jewels, you will want to roll Vengeful Commander and Snowstorm on all of them. Make sure the large cluster jewels have 3 notables though so you spend the least amount of nodes traveling to the medium cluster slots. You may also consider replacing one of the Snowstorm or Vengeful Commanders with Disorienting Display for an extra layer of defense of blind.

Day 19-25: (400% Aura Effectiveness and Budget Gear)

I finally reached 400% Aura Effectiveness, letting me reach 61% physical damage reduction with 16 Auras. This has resulted in my character feeling much tankier even with the same amount of ES. I have also experimented with using Torrent's Reclamation Belt for Bossing. Another thing I want to bring up is Glorious Vanity, and how OP it is for reaching 400% if you get a super juiced up jewel. Mine currently gives 35% aura effectiveness for 5 points, but there are some that give you 48% for 7 points. This makes it much more efficient than just taking 3% Aura effectiveness nodes on our cluster jewels. I anticipate that Glorious Vanity will be the new meta due to it allowing us to trade one jewel socket for insane value on Aura Effectiveness, pointwise.

I get asked a lot about Budget Gear, so I thought I would price it all out.

4 Medium Cluster Jewels (FAE/RP) - 1.5 ex ea
2 Medium Cluster Jewels (FAE or RP/ Purposeful Harbinger) - 1 ex ea
3 Large Cluster Jewels - 1 Ex total
Helm: Alpha's Howl - 4c
Necklace: Rare Amulet with T1 Mana Reserved with Champion of the Cause Annointed- 1 ex
Rings: Call of the Brotherhood rings with 48%- 20c
Belt: Bated Breath - 2c
Boots: Doryani's Delusion - 20c
Gloves: Maligaro's - 20c
Shield: Prism Guardian - 15c
Chest: 6L Shav's - 2ex
RMR Jewels and Unique Jewels: Intuitive Leap, Might of the Meek - 2ex
Nebulis: 5c

Better Trading Shopping Cart (use with https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/better-pathofexile-tradin/fhlinfpmdlijegjlpgedcmglkakaghnk):


As you can see, the total budget for everything will add up to be around 15-20 exalts, but this is a very entry level. You should be able to turn on nearly all the auras besides maybe some heralds and grace, which you can remedy by rolling an aura reservation notable on one of the medium clusters like Sublime Form or Pure Aptitude. In the end, the most important thing for switching is going to be your LEVEL. I recommend 85-90 before swapping.

Day 18: (Crafting Helmet)

I get a lot of questions about my helmet and how to craft it, so today I will go over the crafting process. This process is a lot simpler than making the boots.

You will need to Awaken two helmets together: 1) Elevated Elemental Damage Warlord Helm 2) Elevated Reduced Mana Reserved Redeemer Helmet. These helmets must only have that one influenced mod. You can either buy these helmets premade if they exist. If they do not exist, you will have to try to buy a helmet with the non-elevated mod along with another influence mod and gamble with a Maven Orb. I recommend buying one premade as gambling can be very costly. You might be able to lower the cost of gambling if you maven orb a helm with two desirable elevated mods. For instance, for the warlord helm, you can maven orb a T1 Elemental Damage and +1 power charge influenced mod, leading to either helmet being a relatively easy sell for more than the cost of the orb.

After you awaken the two helms together, you will need to clean off the suffixes and make sure you fill the prefixes with mods that can be taken off easily with harvest. If there are any mods not removable, you will need to strip the helm of all mods besides the influenced mod and gamble with remove non-influence add influence. This may allow you to hit off the new influence mod if it has a unique tag. If not, you will probably have to find an efficient way to YOLO annul. For the first suffix, you need to hit minus cold res. You can do this easily by crafting on cold res and then getting an AUG cold. It is a 1/5 to hit the minus cold res. Next we will Aug Crit and try to get T1 multi for the last suffix. This is a 1/3. Now our helm will be finished with suffixes and the ele dmg prefix.

For the prefix, you will want to remove/add defense Harvest craft in order to get a T1 ES or ES% roll. You can choose to block off ES/Life roll with the crafting bench in order to not hit that mod when harvest crafting. Then you can use the crafted bench to craft on the ES/ES% roll depending on which defense mod you currently have. Technically, you can also keep using remove/add defense to try to hit a double high tier ES/ES% roll, but this is probably very costly.

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/wsgB2hwr

Day 13-17: (375% Aura Effect and Crafting Perfect Boots)

Recently, I switched over to a glorious vanity jewel, which gave me extra aura effect, so that I can reach 375%. You will have to divine the glorious vanity yourself and test it in the jewel slot to see if there are any nodes with aura effect. Because I am able to reach 375%, this means I no longer need to use +2 corrupted boots since a level 20 Purity will end up giving me 90% resist still. (3.75*4= 15) This means we can make our own pair of rare boots, giving us Tailwind, Pierce, Elusive, and Onslaught.

Making this pair of boots requires using an awakener's orb on two elevated mods, Elevated Tailwind and Elevated Onslaught. This means we need a Hunter pair with Elevated Tailwind as the only influenced mod and a Redeemer pair with Elevated Onslaught as the only mod. You will probably have to make each pair yourself. For tailwind, I would buy a hunter pair with tailwind and one other influenced mod. Then you will have to gamble with a Maven Orb, which is a 50/50 chance to succeed. For onslaught, you will buy a Redeemer's Sorcerer Boots that is ilvl 85+. Then you will use perfect fossils to get close to 30%. Next, chaos spam the boots until you have T1 onslaught roll. If the boots comes with another influenced mod, then you can Maven Orb and hope to win the 50/50 gamble. If it does not have another influenced mod, you will need to buy a Harvest craft to put another influenced mod, most likely an aug cold while blocking off cold res with a crafted mod. Now comes the risky part, which is when you use an awakener's orb to combine the two pairs of boots, so that you will be left with a pair, ideally, with elevated tailwind and onslaught and everything else removable with harvest.

After that comes the hard part of using Aug influence to get Projectiles Pierce 2 additional targets. Before that, you will want to fill out the suffixes of the boots by using aug fire since it does not share any tags with the influenced prefix mods. Then you will aug cold twice, assuming you have no other prefixes. This will guarantee you two cold influenced prefixes, which may be chilled ground, gain physical as extra cold, and +2 to cold gems. Then you will need to buy aug influence and hope to hit +2 pierce. If you did not hit it, then you will want to remove the mod you added and go again. The chance of hitting a pierce mod should be like 1/5. After you get pierce, you can use remove cold to remove the 2 other influenced prefix mods. Now you can aug crit to guarantee getting elusive. I like to craft on move speed with 20%ms and cannot be chilled, but you can also gamble with aug speed to get 35% MS. For the last step, you will want to get rid of the fire res on suffix and use harvest to change it into chaos res. Now you are finished and will have a pair of boots like above.

These boots add a lot of clear speed and damage for the build, but they are a costly gamble to make and may cost a lot of currency. At this point, most of the upgrades will cost a lot of money and will most likely require you to learn how to utilize harvest and how to craft with blocking certain high weight mods.

Feel free to come by to my stream for any questions. I will try my best to answer them.

Day 11-12: (Crafting the Perfect Amulet)

I finished off the amulet with Harvest Crafting, and it is nearly perfect for Spark or EK. The amulet is crafted by using an Awakener's Orb on a Redeemer ilvl 85+ Amulet (can be Marble or Onyx or any stat you need) and transferring over the level 22 Vitality Aura. After you awaken orb the two together, you need to strip the amulet with Harvest crafting, so you can put on the mods you desire with Augments. One easy way to do this is to use reforge prefix while keeping suffix intact as both the mods we awaken orbed together are suffixes. For suffixes, you ideally want to get Crit Multi with Aug Crit. This is a gamble as there is also a chance to hit Crit Chance. When you hit crit multi, you should have an amulet with three perfect suffixes (T1 crit multi, Mana Reserved, and Vitality Aura).

Now it is time to work on prefixes. For perfect prefixes, we want Cold Pen, Max ES%, and crafted projectile damage and projectile speed. For this step, we will do cold pen first. We will want to craft on cold damage to block off the highest weighting of a cold mod prefix and aug cold until we hit cold pen. This is around a 1/17 chance of hitting t1 cold pen. If we fail, we have to buy remove cold, and then recraft cold damage to attacks and buy another augment cold. Lastly, for %es, we will buy augment defence while crafting on Flat ES with the bench, since flat es is the highest weighting. We repeat until we get T1% ES. Now all we have to do is craft on the projectile speed and damage craft and divine. In the end, the amulet should look like this:

Day 10: (Movement Skill for Bossing)

After doing a lot of Maven's Invitiation: The Feared, I have come to the conclusion that flame dash is the best movement skill and is almost necessary in order to boss and avoid mechanics. I would recommend swapping to flame dash for bossing and only using shield charge when farming maps with no ledges that are linear.

Day 9: (Spark Bossing and 2nd Voices/ Hatred CoTB Upgrade)

New day, new upgrades. I obtained a Hatred Call of the Brotherhood for 19 Exalts and a 2nd 5 Passive Voices for 6.5 Ex. The cost of a 7 passive point voices is incredibly cheap at 90c, so I recommend grabbing one in order to reach 300% effectivness when starting out if it is hard to reach 300%. Adding a Voices allowed me to grab a triple multi jewel. Adding the Call of the Brotherhood allowed me to run dread banner. While bossing, I have come to the attention that the best movement skill for bossing is definitely flame dash/dash. This is due to shield charge being super slow when your movement speed is impaired. However, shield charge still feels super nice for mapping when you are need to just spam the skill to travel across a linear map with no obstacles. Another possible movement skill could be leap slam.

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/6pSWdxHZ

Day 7-8: (Amulet Crafting and Swap back to Winter Orb)

Crafted a nice amulet with awakener Orb and Harvest Crafting I awakened Orb Vitality Aura from any Shaper Amulet on to a Reduced Mana Reserved Redeemer Amulet. You can use either a Marble Amulet or Onyx Amulet for the Redeemer Amulet base. After using the awakener orb, I removed a bad cold resist with the remove cold res craft, leaving an amulet with an open suffix. Then I used Aug Crit Harvest craft until I got crit multi. Lastly for the prefixes, I used aug cold while blocking off added cold damage with the bench mod to get +1 to cold gems. Then you can decide to aug caster for guaranteed spell damage or aug cold again to gamble for cold pen. In the end, I received Es leech with cold damage, which I settled on, leaving me to just craft %ES as the last mod on the amulet. This illustrates how overpowered Harvest crafting can be, and how you can get a perfect item with enough attempts at it. I will craft a GG mirrorable pair of boots with tailwind, elusive, and +5 Pierce with 35 MS in the next build update. So far, I have swapped back to Winter Orb due to the amulet and the +4 Shavs. I also purchased a Hands of the High Templar with +6 gems and spell crit, leading me to empower my smite to lvl 30 and discipline to 30.

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/zFDWixpU

Day 6: (Spark Swap)

I have swapped back over to Spark due to the single target issues with Winter Orb. The skill was fine and killed all bosses including A9 Awakener and Maven Deathless, but the damage was not as great as expected when I know that spark at the same investment would just be much much better. Some upgrades I got today included another RMR might of the meek since spark requires more mana. Overall, spark is absolutely insane and seems to be the endgame skill for delving, mapping, and bossing. I am currently using pierce as a link until I can craft pierce boots or get an amulet with an Aura so I can use voidwalkers. I also picked up an Zealotry Call of the Brotherhood so that I can run Empower on my Smite, which required an extra link. I hope this daily build progression journal will help out on the gearing and skill choice process for the build.

Path of Building from poe.ninja (easy to see my gear): https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds/char/KobeblackmambaTTV/KobeblackmambaTTVVV?i=0&search=class%3DAscendant%26sort%3Ddps%26dps%3DWinter-Orb

Day 5 of Ritual League (Winter Orb Swap)

Due to a stream viewer corrupting my Shav's to +4, I have swapped over to playing Winter Orb and currently a crit multi setup without Maligaro's. I have also added a Headhunter belt, which helps with the strength and dexterity issues. Winter Orb's single target is definitely worse than Arc, Spark, or EK, but once you reach good enough gear levels along with having an empowered smite, you will still do good single target regardless. Winter Orb's damage is mediocre because you only convert your damage once since it is a cold spell, and that conversion comes from your smite buff. Make sure to always use smite while playing as with First Among Equals and Maleveolence Aura, you will have a 11 seconds long smite. In addition, running Winter Orb or Spark requires you to run Malevolence Aura. I may try spark in the next few days. Winter Orb has the most insane map clear and will clear maps the fastest out of all the options.

Day 3 of Ritual League:

Build is fully running on Ritual League on Day 2. Have 305% aura effectiveness and 90% all resistance with respectable damage. The build is definitely still viable and can do all content.

Day 3 of Ritual League: Path of Building (this is a budget version with cluster jewels you can roll yourself easily) : https://pastebin.com/h1gfPavL

Day 4 of Ritual League:

Build's damage has increased significantly by swapping over to Hands of the High Templar with emphasis on Crit Multi variant. Upgraded some to bottled faith and Alpha's Howl with +2 +2 to auras.

IMPORTANT: I would only swap over to the build when you have Medium Cluster Jewels with FIRST AMONG EQUAL and Replenishing Presence Prerolled, so that you can have at least 89% all resistance. This is at 280% aura effectiveness. Make sure to buy a medium cluster jewel with ilvl 50-59 when trying to roll it to block off as many mods that are not needed as possible. The importance of the cluster being 6 passive points is much lower and does not need to be prioritized.

This build has been nerfed with the cluster jewels being 3% aura effectiveness instead of 6%. This will make us want to get notables like First Among Equals and Replenishing Presence since they are both still 8% aura effectiveness. In addition, the alternate quality on the Aura Gems have been nerfed significantly, so gems like Divergent Determination and Purity of Ice is weaker by a factor of 5. This build is much weaker in terms of its ceiling with perfect gear. However, it is still perfectly fine and may be a lot more affordable than before. The build will still have the DPS and tankiness to clear all the content and will benefit from the return of Harvest Crafting. We will need to approach the way we roll cluster jewels differently, and the importance of 6 passive Cluster Jewels along with lvl 84 requirement will be much lower, leading to the build being much cheaper. Winter Orb will probably be easier to play due to the 30% buff on its duration, making it a solid choice for speed clearing low-mid tier maps.

TLDR: Build more than viable and capable of doing all content but nerfed at the highest budget. May be more affordable than before.

I am playing this build as Ascendant gets more passive points and access to physical damage reduction from templar compared to other ascendencies.I will be going Low-life to make up for the damage loss from the aura effectiveness nerf as stacking Replenishing Presence means we can run Righteous Fire without degenerating as long as the map is not no/half regen and minus max.

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/FYu5XB4P

These Path of Buildings are very preliminary and just show how you can reach 300% aura effectiveness for 90% all resists with very low investment. Rolling the medium cluster jewels will be super easy to do as long as you find aura effectiveness cluster jewels with a max item level of 50 to block off the other rolls. The important of a 6 passive point cluster is not as important anymore as the power of each node is only 3%.

I will be playing this build on stream and intend to try this out in deep delving, but I do not think the damage will be there to get to 6k. This build can and will be able to clear all other content with ease still, including t19 100% maps and all boss fights. However, I will try it out still in deep delve, and you can follow along the journey at Twitch.tv/Kobeblackmamba.

3.12 UPDATE:

This build is stronger than ever before with the alternate quality on the Aura gems and the Vitality Aura Reservation Changes. I will be playing hardcore this league, and I will be playing a Guardian version due to it being more tanky. Crafting the rare boots and amulet will be a lot harder this league, but you will just be missing some defensive stats. It will be a lot harder to get the chaos res, so running a CI version with Saqawal's may be more optimal.

Feel free to come over to my stream at Twitch.tv/Kobeblackmamba to ask any questions about the build. I will also personally review your profile upon request if you need help with gearing choices.

Heist Budget 3.12 Gear on my character in HC Heist w/ POB
This is my character that I am currently playing on HC Heist. It is a guardian, but the tree is nearly identical except you path out of templar instead of scion. It wastes extra passive points and has a lot less damage than scion, but I chose it for its extra tankiness on hardcore. However, I do not recommend going Guardian on Softcore Heist as the tankiness is just not needed.

Updated Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/C2zVrpB6

Leveling in 3.12
Fastest way to level this build is to go Stormblast Mine/Orb of Storms at the start. Then transition into Cremation/ Armageddon Brand at 28. Then you should transition to Ball Lightning Archmage at 38. You can play Ball Lightning Archmage Ascendant for a while until you can farm enough gear and currency to play the Budget Version of this Build. The Ball Lightning Version is very strong by abusing the foreboding mana flask.

Crafting Medium Clusters in 3.12
Without harvest, it is going to be much harder to get perfect jewels with chaos resistance and life regen on the suffixes. Our new strategy is to just alt until we hit a good prefix/suffix and then regal in hopes of gaining another notable. Some good prefixes include: Flat Energy Shield, 25(35%) Effect, First Among Equals, Replenishing Presence, Stalwart Defenders, and any aura reservation notable if you need extra mana reservation. Some good suffixes include: intelligence, life regeneration, and chaos resistance. As you can see there are a lot of options for what will work with the cluster jewel, making alt/regaling not as daunting as it may seem. We need 6 total medium clusters.

Perfect Jewel would ideally have 35% effect, flat energy shield, chaos resistance, and intelligence. With these affixes on the medium clusters, our damage will be much higher and have up to 10-11k es with full endgame gear.

Best Alternate Quality Gems for 3.12
Without a doubt, Divergent Determination is the most important alternate quality gem. Since we have no armour, this gem's alternate quality allows us to reach 30k armour with no investment at all. It scales off our aura effectiveness, and allows us to use our evasion rating as armour rating.

Anomalous Purity of Ice grants us 4% cold penetration that scales with our aura effectiveness. This makes it equivalent to around 12-15% penetartion depending on our aura effectiveness, which is crazy considering there is no opportunity cost.

Overall, there are many alternate quality gems that gives us free power that was no available before. Wrath and Precision are both guaranteed to give good outcomes with the use of a lens. You can get aura effectiveness or reduced mana reservation.

Make sure to look up on poedb for the weightnings on the alternate quality jewel if you decide to you use the orb to reroll the quality of the gem. This could a lot of times be cheaper than buying the gem directly from someone.

Using Enhance with Alt Quality Purities for Maximum Penetration
Alternate qualitiy Purity of Elements along with Purity of LIghtning and Ice give you up to 4% penetration at 20% quality, meaning each 5% quality gives you 1% penetration. Therefore, by using a lvl 4 enhance gem to link up to these auras we can bring the quality to 44%, we reach 8% penetration. Purity of Elements gives us penetration to all elements while Ice and Lightning only gives penetration to cold and lightning respectively. This penetration scales with aura effectiveness, and most builds will have around 300% peneration. By using an alt quality Purity of Elements and Purity of Ice, we would end up having 50% cold penetration. Therefore, we are sacrificing a gem link and some mana reservation for a free gem link that makes your single target bossing much easier. This is a pretty high budget option to improve the character as it will require you getting Call of the Brotherhood with an aura corruption, which is very expensive.

Skill review in 3.12
Best starter skills in 3.12 for this build are EK and Arc. They combine a great combination of clear and single target. I was able to test out EK more recently and came away quite impressed with its damage potential due to the additional more multiplier you will receive on hatred. Again just play what you enjoy more as they are both super strong at start. Spark is a higher budget option as it requires more damage for the single target to feel good along with requiring another 50% aura (Malevolence) to be run. However, spark is god tier in certain scenarios like layouts with walls and farming Simulacrum.

Winter Orb is the best clearing skill for this build due to it always casting around you, allowing you to just run around the map. This skill requires significant investment in your gear as it has no lightning damage scaling outside of smite, meaning you miss out on a large chunk of your more multiplier.

Will update rest of build as I go along.

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/0i8FXfMG

Winter Orb Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/mZWP5MtS

You will have to click through the cluster jewels to import all the jewels. I am not sure why Path of Building is bugged.

Different Skill Setups:

This build can use a large number of skills because any spell will get multiplied by an insane amount from all your auras. The skills I recommend are: Arc, EK, Spark, and Winter Orb. I have tried all these out, and I will list out the pros and cons below:

Arc: Great All around setup with decent single target damage. Clear is not as good as the other skills and requires you to be relatively close to do damage.

EK: Amazing Clear but mediocre single target, will rely on headhunter buffs for insane scaling due to the physical nature of the spell.

Slightly weaker than Arc/EK for beginner gear levels, however has great clear on certain map types where the spark can bounce around. Best skill for doing garden in Harvest.

Winter Orb: Best late game setup with fastest map clear. Respectable single target once your gear is insane. Overall best for infinite currency.

Crafting Gear:(OLD from harvest league, some methods may no longer work, refer to build journal above for ritual league)

Amulet: Use a marble amulet for extra regen. Get a Redeemer's Marble Amulet with reduced mana reserved on it. Get any shaper amulet with lvl 22 vitality. Use awakener orb on shaper amulet and then the marble amulet so you have an amulet with lvl 22 vitality and mana reserved. Then use harvest crafts with aug cold and remove colds to get ideally: damage penetrates 10% cold resistance and cold damage leeched as energy shield. use augment caster mod to get cast speed, and craft %es with the bench for your endgame amulet.

You need Projectiles Pierce 2 Additional targets from a hunter pair of boots. Use a redeemer's sorcerer boots and roll elusive on it. Use the Awakener orb on the hunter pair of boots and then redeemer's sorcerer boots to get a Sorcerer's Boot pair with Projectiles Pierce 2 Additional Targets and Chance to Gain Elsuive on Critical Strike. Then craft on Prefixes cannot be changed and use the Harvest Bench to Reforge Crit. By Reforging crit with prefixes cannot be changed you will guarantee the boot to have Elusive and Tailwind on it along with the Projectiles Pierce. At this point, you can choose to craft on Movespeed and Cannot be Chilled while using the Harvest Crafts to fill out the chaos resist. Lastly, use beastcrafting to get level 20 Aspect of the Avian Skill.

These are the two main rare pieces of gear and each item should cost less than 10 exalt to craft if done correctly.

Budget Gear Setup:

Helmet: Alpha's Howl with a cheap reservation enchant

Necklace: Rare necklace with Reduced Mana Reservation

Rings: Conversion Call of the Brotherhoods, focus on getting catalysts for near full conversion

Chest: 6-link shavs

Shield: Prism Guardian

Belt: Torrent's Reclamation or Crystal Belt/Stygian Vise

Boots: Tailwind Sorcerer Boots, can craft easily with Reforge Crit on Harvest Craft

Gloves: Maligaro's Virtuosity

Weapon: Nebulis with any good damage implicit

All this gear should be around 20 ex or less and should be a good baseline to start with. As you get better upgrade, you should gocus on getting the corrupts on the Call of the Brotherhoods to run more auras and trying to pick up more and more reduced mana reserved jewels. Eventually you want to switch over to Hands of the High Templar for empowered smite, but this means you have to get jewels with multi on it to make up for the Maligaro gloves.


Large Cluster Jewels: You will need 3 large cluster jewels. Need 8 passive skills, Vengeful Commander, Disorienting Display and any third passive skill that splits the cluster jewel so that you need the minimum amount of passive skill points to pick up the medium cluster jewel socket. You only need one disorienting display, so the other two large cluster jewels will have Vengeful Commander and Snowstorm.

End Game Option: Run 2 voices and 1 large cluster jewel

Medium Cluster Jewel: You will need 6 medium cluster jewels. You want to roll Replenishing Presence, First Among Equals, life regen, and chaos resist as the perfect medium cluster jewel. Depending on your mana reservation on your jewels, you might need the notables that give less reservations for certain auras. This is very flexible and should be adjusted based on your mana reservation.

Small Cluster Jewel: You will need 6 of these also. These will be jewels that are corrupted with reduced mana reservation. A good option is to use 3 Grand Spectrums and 3 cobalt jewels with energy shield and a damage mod with the reduced mana reservation corruption.

Miscellaneous Jewels: Hazardous Research for spark, Might of the Meek, Conqueror's Efficiency, Intuitive Leap, Transcendent Flesh (if no maligaro's), Unnatural Instinct

You can ask me questions on Twitch.tv/KobeBlackmamba . Streaming the build in delirious maps and trying to upgrade gear.
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I am getting an error when trying to import the POB
tsumeguhh wrote:
I am getting an error when trying to import the POB

yeah that link is broken so i imported it from his character:

I added your link to the build guide. I updated the gear on the build with the current one. For a budget version, I would consider using Prism Guardian and dropping some auras, mainly Heralds, Determination, and Grace. Another budget version could be to go CI and use Saqawal's chest. Let me know if you have any questions.
how do u level this one?
Easiest way to level is with storm brand and then swapping when you are like lvl 80+.
so u just level as a spellcaster and completely respec at higheer level?
what is the lowest budget to get going?
interested but not sure how much to get started in this league, thz dude

tried different types of 5 herald last league
Best Belt option while saving up for HH? I pretty much have the rest of the gear or can buy it now.
nglengjai wrote:
what is the lowest budget to get going?
interested but not sure how much to get started in this league, thz dude

tried different types of 5 herald last league


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