3.11.1 Patch Notes Preview

HDungeon wrote:
Melkor25 wrote:
Well, this changes nothing, you haven't addressed any of the imperative issues that the community wanted you to. The league will still be dogshit and the exponential decay of players will continue. It's beyond saving at this point, just give us a flashback so people can have fun, not this poor man's unrewarding factorio shit.

> says league is dogs***
> plays the league

You can (should) leave anytime.

I dont play the league anymore obviously and I addressed the likes of you in the previous comment :)
Thanks for the commitment GGG for the patches and improvements but the numbers unfortunately dont lie and most players are off....

Flashback league on the other hand seems not that bad of an idea :D..........

I will still play harvest tho.

My 2 cents.
I think the thing most bothering me atm is map sustain. I'm in the worst streak I can remember, 6 map runs (with decent quant, rarity, etc) and not a single map drop in return.

I want to be challenged to get trough the atlas, but as every half an hour passes, I am dropping down a tier. If I grind, invest in maps, trade maps, etc, I should be able to progress and sustain, but this is not happening.

And yes I have done Zana missions, bought form her where possible, ran temple, and delve...

Map drops seem so poor this league. The actual mechanic itself I find "ok", but I can;t enjoy the core game because of the mapping issues.
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By the end of this week,....by that time, 60% of the players may have quit.
League at this point is nothing more than a glorified chaos spam fiesta.
I've farmed 32 stones since the first 5 days or so and run a big share of T15-16 maps to get quite a decent sample size regarding the seeds.
It's the same 10 mods over and over again.

It also has the biggest one-week steam player drop recorded in comparison to any of the previous leagues.

Was hoping this patch would've addressed some issues regarding the rarity of the vast majority of the crafts or the commonness of specific ones, heck I'd even expect a storage unit size increase cause if you've been planting T3-4 seeds by now you'd know that 300 is a laughable amount of storing size resulting in you ending up building an absurd amount of storage units which then cause performance issues due to the ridiculous amount of assets loaded on the area.
Instead you don't address any issues of crafting (which was the main goal of this league) so you can pretty much expect the number to be even higher moving forward.

You managed to save Synthesis, hope you pull a miracle with this one yet it doesn't look bright.

To anyone who'd respond with the generic "if you don't like it, quit" :
a) If they don't make the harvest experience better, I will
b) Been playing the game since 2012. Having spent thousands of hours it's needless to say that I care about the game and feel like I should voice my concerns towards the current content.
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I'm not saying the league is bad but the mechanic is ugly. I feel like if you don't play 24/7 you'll probably feel frustrated to get a decent crafting mod.

I would like to see the augment mods a bit more frequently, I don't mean to see them every time you harvest your crop but some time in a while and not spending 6 o 7 hours mapping to say 'GOD DAMN IT, AT LAST'.

I did my test last weekend and I played for almost 8 hours, non-stop. I guess I saw just one useful crafting option the rest was purely 'reforge' mods - AKA 'chaos spamming' MODS - which, IMO, are far away from deterministic, even more on the physical side knowing that are plenty of mods with the 'physical' tag. This is from my experience as I consider I have a decent knowledge of the crafting side.

I don't feel the league, I'll give it a chance one more time tho to see what happens... I'll probably quit in a few days. It is the first time I don't enjoy a league.
I'M having lots of fun with the Harvest right now, Crafted all my gear until Red maps, I only had to buy a 2 items with the right enchantement.

I don't have any problem with my storage, I have 4 storage tanks for each colour and My only issue is getting tier 2 pink seeds. Pink seems to be affuly rare for me.

My personal issue this league is the price for unique cluster jewel (yes I will bring it everywhere). I was able to buy 2 Clamitious vision for 5 chaos each, now they are over 5.5 exa, this is beyond ridiculous, it was under 1 exa at the START of the league, wtf happened?!
this patch solves nothing
but, on the other hand, this "league" is not fixable

Melkor25 wrote:

3. Every once in like a hundred people there is always a white knight or two, who's gonna be pretending that everyone else who are expressing their frustrations are full of shit, whereas the only one full of shit are you and the likes of you, my friend. You won't be missed either

Well said. It's nice to see that not everyone on this forum loves soy.
Have a nice day, sir.
Nothing about increasing the quantity of seeds drop GG, you clearly don't even know wtf are you doing with your game...

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