[PS4] Common PS4 Client Crashes

I doubt it’s related to the garden/harvest content specifically - trying to do my first ascendency trial (I.e no Harvest content and I literally can’t complete it because it keeps crashing. A crash every couple of hours I could cope with but not being able to get my subclass is incredibly frustrating. Playing on an original PS4, summoner build of that helps at all...
...actually clearing the PS4 cache seems to have worked for me so far...
...nope crashed again. 😩
I'm not on PS4, but one thing I have noticed that is causing crashes for me so could be a factor for ps4 players, is spell slinger, especially VD spell slinger.
The build is probably the most popular at the minute and even on the Xbox X maps have been horrible for me playing it with constant crashes.

Couldn't be unrelated, but just thought I'd share it
We're deploying a patch at 4:00am UTC which includes changes to mitigate against the common crashes users have been experiencing.
Post-3.11.0f report. In PS4 party with several other friends playing PoE. Crashes seem roughly as common as before. Delirium mirrors, garden spawns, simply opening my stash in town, crash from taking two steps into a map, the list is neverending.

Collectively we were still crashing around once per hour of (non-afk) active combat play, per player. I don't know why the analytics are suggesting 1 per 10 hours because anyone who has reached mapping crashes far, far more often, be it in the Mines, the garden, the Labyrinth, and especially Maps.

Edit: And just now I crashed while navigating the Stash interface looking for an item to craft from a completed Collector encounter.
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Most of my crash experiences have been somewhat random although they have some trends in their randomness.

I was playing a Mana RF Hierophant with Agnostic, while leveling I probably only crashed twice (mostly in higher acts). Came across the identifying an item while in harvest crash. I'll add this was played in the first console patch.

I started a CA/TR trickster today and it has been horrible. My excitement to play these skills is having a hard fight against the crashes. At least 1 per hour (but most common to have 1 per 30 min). I restart everytime I have a crash, I even spread out my game sessions due to possible overheating. And it's hard to notice the causes. Some times I enter an instance walk two steps forward, don't cast anything and I crash. Other times I notice a stutter and a few seconds later the crash happens, and sometimes the same stutter occurs and the crash doesn't happen. Sometimes there's an abyss open and other times there's not.

I wish you good luck in finding some causes. Although I find it weird how the data says 1 crash in 10 hours, just by seeing the few people in global chat saying "I crashed", I would've guessed the crashes would be higher, but I guess for every 10 crashes there's someone with 0.
The large majority of the crashes I’ve experienced have been from either entering the garden or harvesting seeds. And ai haven’t noticed any decrease in crashes since the latest patch. Still crashes about every 1 hr
I’ve been playing this league with my roommate. We are in a party together. I am on a PS4 Pro and they are on a regular PS4.
I crash every 20-30 minutes like clockwork. I have only gotten to the end of Act 2. Been trying to play since Harvest launch.

So far it’s crashed a few times when gardening, but it’s crashed way more in towns and fighting stuff.
My roommate doesn’t get crashes, we are stumped.

It’s pretty impossible for me to play just knowing I can expect a crash every hour or so.
Played about 12 hours on launch. Quit before maps.

Over 20 crashes with 30 second loads between zones.

Mostly delirium zones or multi harvest pops. There were a few just sitting in town doing nothin.

Edit: also wanted to add that the garden is the most tedious thing to plant with a controller. Anything above t2 is like pulling hair because it wont auto plant t2+ for you. Did testers even use the league mechanic every stage to t4 on a controller? I doubt it. Nobody has that kind of time....

Please stop ignoring the ps4 community so close to the release of poe2. Otherwise many of us will be too jaded by then. This league is really helping (worst retention in poe history).

I'll be back for 3.12 after playing D3 for a couple months.
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