Common PS4 Client Crashes

Many PS4 players are reporting frequent client crashes while doing simple actions. Despite these actions feeling like they'd be easy to reproduce, the game does not crash on-demand when we follow the reported steps. We are finding it extremely difficult to reproduce the crash reliably in our office. It appears to crash approximately once every ten hours on average (which is backed up by the number of crashes vs. gameplay hours reported by our analytics). Given the reports that some users encounter the crash many times per session, it appears there's a range of different experiences (potentially based on what gameplay activity the player is doing, but we haven't narrowed this down yet).

If you have specific instructions that cause a client crash reliably multiple times, please let us know. Do test it more than once though, because it's easy to attribute it to the last thing you did even if that's a coincidence and the crash was due to some complex internal state.

We understand that this crash results in a terrible game experience, and we are very sorry for this. We're trying our best to address it, but without reproduction steps, the best we can do is intelligent guesses. We will make some engine changes over the next few days to try to mitigate the issue. They'll hopefully resolve (or dramatically reduce) the crashes, and will at least help us work out if the crashes are related to the area of the code we suspect they are.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience that this is causing!
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I wish I could give some sort of pattern to it, but I haven't been able to spot any. I've crashed 20 times since launch. A few times in maps, a couple times in the garden specifically. One where I tried to identify an item in my stash while I had the collector open and crafting. The rest were completely random.

Someone in chat reported that they cleared their ps4 cache and they hadn't had a crash since, so I am doing that now and ill come back and edit if it seemed to work or not.
It's been rough on my PS4 so far, I've had well over 20 crashes on my way to maps and now in maps its once every 30 minutes. I've had multiple in delirium, mostly just when the screen gets hectic but, majority have just been random. Sometimes just opening a portal, sometimes just standing somewhere with no enemies around. It's really frustrating because it's not once every ten hours right now. Love this game and I always support you guys. Even though some leagues have been similar to what we are dealing with now. But, this is by far the worst it's ever been. Wish I didn't have to complain.
I am crashing once per hour on the new league, on older league's after a few weeks in i would say its once every 2-3 hrs. Groups will crash out once ever hr or so and one player at least will need to restart. Im on ps4 pro i believe version one.

I’ve put a few hours of gameplay into Harvest on PS4 so far and I have to agree that experience with crashes is quite frustrating. So far I had about 5 crashes in 8 hours. Most of them seems to be quite random - e.g. while beginning the Harvest from fully grown field or beginning the Harvest and putting down balistas in the same time. One occurrence of crash I was able go replicate was while in crafting window after Harvest you open stash tab with L3 + pad and if you have unidentified item in the stash and you try to identify it the game immediately crashes. I know its very specific situation and easily avoidable, but posting it anyway as it might lead you to some other things.

Enjoying the league and mechanic so far so hope you can resolve the crashes soon.

It seems random. The last crash I had was definitely when I opened one of those chests in the eternal lab that gives a treasure key. The one before that I was just in the garden area and I think I moved?

All 20+ of my crashes were different things it seems like, it wasn't like anything specific. Something is seriously wrong here. I played the crap out of delirium and most of the leagues before that on this PS4 and it's never been this terrible. This has been my most played game by far since it came out on PS4 and it's never been this terrible. Sure I've crashed plenty of times, not ever 20 times in one and a half days though. This last patch did something.
Game crashed alreday about 20 times for me. 2 of it was hard console freeze, i was forced to cut off ps4 power cord-game freezed, gamepad shutted off, screen gone black, ps4 keep running but none of buttons or gamepad was responding.
Crashes are totally random-afk in hideout, figthing in the middle of the map, setup items in garden, while actepting board trades, searching box, few sec after relaunch game client, etc.
Base PS4 model.
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The crashes do seem very random, but i've been able to narrow it down to two different situations at least on my end (unfortunately since it's so common):

1. In the grove, it frequently crashes when using Flame Dash while any seed field is off-screen and I move towards it, making it on-screen, or vice-versa. Hasn't crashed since i started to just walk around.

2. About half a second after attacking, every single crash happened the same way: Game freezes for a few frames, then it moves for about one or two frames, then it freezes and crashes. It's like the game lags, then it doesn't handle something properly, thus crashing. For reference, I am playing Spellslinger with Wave of Conviction, Fireball (+ Fork + GMP) and Firestorm.

My best guess is that it has to do with graphical / performance changes made in Harvest being used too fast (can't really express this properly, sorry). This is because i noticed that my load times are SEVERELY faster, up to 5x faster when loading Oriath when comparing with earlier leagues. Also, for reference, i'm playing on a day 1 PS4 without an SSD.

Hope this helps!
I noticed when i built out my garden I started crashing a lot more, when I removed a bunch of stuff from my garden I crashed a lot less.

I suspect it might have something to do with garden assets being loaded into each zone.
I had like 20+ crashes since launch. It's just bad optimization..... Glitchy textures can't load , garden is crashing 9/10, iv had more crashes than gameplay really dissapointed.
everytime something

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