Common PS4 Client Crashes

Many PS4 players are reporting frequent client crashes while doing simple actions. Despite these actions feeling like they'd be easy to reproduce, the game does not crash on-demand when we follow the reported steps. We are finding it extremely difficult to reproduce the crash reliably in our office. It appears to crash approximately once every ten hours on average (which is backed up by the number of crashes vs. gameplay hours reported by our analytics). Given the reports that some users encounter the crash many times per session, it appears there's a range of different experiences (potentially based on what gameplay activity the player is doing, but we haven't narrowed this down yet).

If you have specific instructions that cause a client crash reliably multiple times, please let us know. Do test it more than once though, because it's easy to attribute it to the last thing you did even if that's a coincidence and the crash was due to some complex internal state.

We understand that this crash results in a terrible game experience, and we are very sorry for this. We're trying our best to address it, but without reproduction steps, the best we can do is intelligent guesses. We will make some engine changes over the next few days to try to mitigate the issue. They'll hopefully resolve (or dramatically reduce) the crashes, and will at least help us work out if the crashes are related to the area of the code we suspect they are.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience that this is causing!
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Grinding Gear Games
We're deploying a patch at 4:00am UTC which includes changes to mitigate against the common crashes users have been experiencing.

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