What To Expect This Year

SuperDrop wrote:
NNeto wrote:
I dont care GGG

i dont care either. but i do hope poe 2 will be better than this pile of garb

Poe2 is made by the same company that made PoE. You don’t need to hope. If u think PoE sucks, then u won’t like poe2.
DaFerg wrote:
NNeto wrote:
I dont care GGG

seems like you care enough to spend time commenting on it

No sir... I really dont care
if yall don't like the league or game whatever just stop playing and go away? damn snowflakes crying over everything as usual.
Can we please stop feeding the troll?

12 weeks of torture.
Cancel the harvest and fix the game, TY.
SquareCubiC wrote:
nice to see that it is mostly, if not always, the "free loaders" that complain... open beta support, so you basically paid once (maybe every now and then a bit) and complain... after 6-7 years...

wow, just wow. try to find another game that provides (progressive) service after 7 years

Im not complaing sir... I just dont care =)
Keep it up, you are doing great and dont bother with salty reddit ! I believe you can make this league enjoyable for "regular" people as well based on feedback. Think lot of people forget quickly that you were working from home for quite some time.
TantibusRegem wrote:
I just want 3 leagues a year again so we can have better content than just a garden we leave alone for 90% of maps. Not to mention the bugs, invisible bosses are not OK.

Pretty much this, these 3 month leagues are more like 45 day leagues considering how laden they are with bugs, issues, and errors. Patch after patch, fix after fix...these leagues stopped being fun.
Hail Thor-show thy might, Let thunder roar and lightning strike! Hurl thy hammer into the fray, And let thine enemies know fear this day!
Having a blast this league and looking foward to all next big leagues!

Keep up the good work and ignore all the children that can't handle any change or if things don't go exactly their way.

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