What To Expect This Year

pls add more seeds and make t2-t3 seeds more often and more drops pls!
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HazaRdReborN wrote:
Dragothjim wrote:
HazaRdReborN wrote:
Good job guys. Raising the bar with every passing moment. Surprisingly enjoying this league quite a bit.

Some minor bugs here and there, vanishing assets for example, etc, but overall it was an awesome launch.

Like the new challenges too. Didn't rather enjoy Metamorph and Delirium Challenges. These ones feel slightly scaled away from too heavy rng (that orb of chance one, and the vaal side areas, to name a few, were a total pain last league I simply quit)... So, its a nice direction.

The league mechanic is really fun too, but I wonder if it will have any changes when implemented for standard. I think some extra thought should be put into this one, since we need multiple occurrences of the encounter to even progress the gardens and to collect the seeds to even begin the process etc etc etc. Might want to look into that, many of us really still enjoy standard, and Im looking forward to how this applies to it when the league ends.

Might want to balance it out. For now, the options given feel rather powerful, but we get the encounter on every map. For standard, I fear if you go down an occurrence percentage path like previous leagues, that the rewards/mechanic of the league will be not worth it at all.

Keep up the great work, and can't wait to see what is up next.

You do realise you guys keep making "bigger leagues" right? xD
I wonder how big they can get :D ...... (thats what she said)

GG, and see you in the Groves...

They already mention that this league is not going to core its just a "TEST" thats why they gave us a free stash so we dont blame them after and thats why they said it in the first place to not get excited or something

You sure about this? The interview Chris had on the launch said they didn't know yet and they are contemplating on it. Maybe I missed some other news on this?

I sure hope this isn't true. That is a complete waste of a great mechanic if you ask me, and well, a waste of time too if I know it aint going into standard :(

Not to mention that its just... all that work for nothing? So standard aint getting anything until possibly end of next league?

Again, I hope this is not the case and they are still thinking about it.

Well you like the mechanic of building that garden. But i would say like 7/10 players don´t like the mechanic. So making it core like it is now would be a big mistake. They improved Synthesis and add it to the core, well not the synthesized items, but the bosses and drops feel great. I don´t like the garden myself but i love crafting. It´s sad i will not have the chance to enjoy it this league. So i hope you will enjoy this league as it longs.
medis13 wrote:
sorry to tel you GGG but you really shouldn't be proud of this league, all just do to the fact you made 2H weapons basically worthless outside cyclone

Excuse me? Did you even play a 2hand build? I played a bit to lvl 91 with an Awakener lvl 5 in SSF and had really good damage output with a 5 link and like a 550 pDPS Weapon ( which is nothing at all). Have no problem clearing content with that weapon type.

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