What To Expect This Year

Care to perhaps throw Harvest in the dumpster early and give us a Flashback league. Take your time, but I suggest starting Flashback in week 2 of 12.
Keep up the great work guys, love you!
You are doing great GGG, Harvest may not be for everyone and that's alright. You had a goal to make a crafting league that is easy to understand and you did that wonderfully.

Loads of my friends that never bothered with crafting before are getting into it now and wanting to learn it more, I see that as a win.

I do suggest that you maybe put the currency that lines up with the craft you are doing in harvest so people new to crafting can get a good idea what currency does what.

Keep up the great work, loving Harvest so far and cant wait to see what you have coming with 3.12.

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A league you're very proud with?

It's lacking essence and I stopped playing it this early in, that never happened before.
GGG: The difficulty of developing Harvest from home was immense but culminated in a league that we are very proud of.

Me: 💩
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well, every excuse is worth gold i guess...
just gotta finish moving then i'll play all day

lovin this league keep up the good work but take days off too :o
I'm that Morty guy.

I dont understand why always the focus is on leagues while the game is full with bugs like invinsible bosses.

Every league the Map Tab Convert Button is not working in core game!

Is this deliberately have been made?
Thank you so mutch GGG team!

Im a bit sad because PoE 2 is not happenning in this year,
but it's a reasonable delay I think.

Invisible bosses and monsters can be really frustrating because I play SSFHC, I hope GGG can fix it!

Overall I love this league! SSF friendly league!

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