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PuffaPath wrote:
I'm enjoying the league, it's only my second one. If the new league starts 12 weeks from harvest start does that mean Harvest will end after 10/11 weeks? (4th or 11th September?)

I'm hoping to get farther than my Delirium character (lvl 83) but I like to take my time and smell the roses, or weta seeds, as I go.

Not gonna scroll through everything to see if you got an answer, but leagues generally end on Mondays the same week that the next one starts.

So if I counted the weeks correctly it should end on or around September 7 and new league should go up September 11 for those of us in EU and US.
Thank you GGG,
don't listen to the lapses, these are just a bunch of big geek no life who feel frustrated as soon as they don't have their daily dose of video game orgasm. I have been playing PoE since the closed beta and I have always been happy to come back to PoE, I am far from being a hardcore gamer but your games are great, some leagues are more enjoyable than others. However for a game which is free or only requires a small investment to have a correct chest it is just silly to be full. You are the only one in the video game industry to offer a free game with such incredible content and additions as often. So to finish thank you again and fuck the retarders so go play Fortnite and plan your dose of vomit mercantile video game.

See you soon in Wraeclast

PS : sorry for my googletrad english...
IGN : Anaxiliia
Much love GGG, don't work too hard, and hey if you can't reach a time-frame, we don't need a new league if it calls for you guys to overwork and not get to spend any time with family during holidays!
I loved this expansion. The free crafting is awsome, as crafting in PoE is very expensive, with limited chances for great items. Harvest made free crafts, crafts with statchange options is really gamechanger. extra stats for every gear, more min max options, its not overwhealming and make the pace of the game flutuate: you make a few maps, craft a bit, repeat. I still havent got to endgame, but Im one of the few players that dont enjoy the DPS metas, DPS builds already clear the game faster, why make leagues that give them more and more? I believe alot in PoE to create more content we enjoy in the future. Thanks GGG!
oh boi. i wrote half hour some sort of feedback. but then realized why i do it. let me put it this. game is hard.

i would cladly sit next to you for a week to see how new player goes at here :D.

my friend saw i play this game. he says its looks cool and awesome :D jesus christ i almsot beat shit out of him said its so bad yiou better stay out of it. you will lose your nerves in it. you will lose your life here. better go out side enoy and get corona or something :D
fk archnemesis.
Still waiting to hear the word "fun"
Hope the next expansions be better than this one, that i've already quitted.

In hype for PoE 2

Good luck and have fun for those who continue in Harvest
NNeto wrote:
And you should play your temporary league, open your atlas and level your Zana sir =) Bye

In poker we call this a tell.
muzein wrote:
GGG really messed up last league. Everyone saw how broken herald stacking was and we all waited for a response. GGG posted a statement saying it wouldn't be nerfed until the end of the league... and then 3 days later went back on that with the 'YourBuildIsGone' post. That upset a lot of people. While herald jewels were still stupid strong in the meta, GGG still wrecked the economy and wiped out a lot of wealth only ~2 weeks into the league which set a lot of players back.

Now we see outrage over the stash tab issue. I think if Harvest was more engaging maybe people would be too distracted to care.

For me, this has been 2 consecutive leagues where GGG has acted contrary to statements they've made in the past. Should players be upset? I don't see why not.

Counting on support from the community has to be earned and by that same token can be lost. As of Delirium, I decided to no longer support this company and this league has been an affirmation of that decision. Both times where GGG had let me down they had swept away any enjoyment I had in the respective league.

To all the points about 'GGG needs to make money' - at what point have individuals supported enough? Because there doesn't seem to be a limit to that and I think that's where the sentiment of greed is coming from. Give us an option right now that says 'if you support X Dollars, you're grandfathered in to all future stash tabs we release'. Imagine a free to play game where players could actually purchase a 'retail unit' to access core features of the game without repeat spending like some mobile game. The cosmetics will always be there to milk cash out of the players but functional stash tabs or the ability to list items for trade should not be a carrot at the end of a telescopic spend stick.

I do not agree to this last part. At all.
The whole "at what point have individuals supported enough?" part mostly.

That is like saying "at what point have they made enough content for the game?"
Have they stopped making content? No? So why should people stop supporting?

In other words, the answer to "at what point have individuals supported enough?" is "when they stop supporting their game and making new content"...

I mean it can work both ways, they can just say "well, you supported us, and we made enough content, now we are done."

Clearly, the whole reason why there is a constant system of support that can be shown, or pretty much even money milking if that is what you want to call it, each to their own, is existent because it is an ongoing service and cycle of content and support. The one feeds into the other, and you cannot have one without the other, otherwise you go broke and stop making content.

And since these tabs for example are again not really necessary and more of a luxury than a core element needed to play the game, I really don't see what the issue is. I can see the concern of someone that bought 100 supporter packs feeling "robbed"... but how are they? They paid and got what they paid for. That is like me saying now "well, I have spent enough money to equate to 2 supporter packs, so GGG why are you not giving me a supporter badge!"... that is not how it works.

Personally if you ask me supporter packs are too steep for their value, so I support them with these smaller things they add into the game that are more quality of life than anything else. Which leads us to the next point.

The whole idea of buying a "retail version" of sorts that has the essentials all included is not bad. But it will indeed reduce their income. Because I believe there are a loooot of people that do not find the price of many cosmetics and supporter packs reasonable. I fit somewhat into that category myself. You give us a "retail version" that means we never have to pay again for essentials, and guess what, we may never again pay for anything in the game.

There is a silver lining in all this and its hard to separate greed from needing to continue a healthy development cycle. I wont sit there and say 100% it is only the latter, but cannot say it is only the former either. Perhaps it is a mix of both.

Personally, these tabs are the only thing that got me thinking about spending more money on this game. Not because I do not want to support them, but because there is nothing I am interested in purchasing. So in 3 leagues now, I am at last thinking of "hey, thats cool, I might want it at some point" and even I am thinking, mmmm, well I kinda don't run out of space for all those items as is, so its kinda useless and more of a luxury. So even someone like me that supports them through these kind of transactions am thinking maybe, no.

See my point?

There must be some incentive for all types of supporters to have ways, reasons, or means to support the game. Not everybody agrees with supporter pack prices, or most cosmetic prices, and since it is a f2p game, there is already pretty much an "essentials price" in the game after which you might not need to pay again. I still argue, these are only luxuries.

After the currency tab, map tab, fragment tab, and quad tab (or a few premium tabs) the rest is luxury. The second step after that will be (in my opinion) Unique Tab, Essence, and Fossils. For some people even divination tab (not for me personally). After those, which is what I have pretty much, I have never really felt the need of more. If I need more, then clearly I play to the point that am exceeding all these tabs, in which case, it would warrant spending more.

Point being, that even then, you hit the point where your tabs are enough. Not everybody is a streamer that sits and plays 12hrs a day. For some of us, those tabs are all we would ever need. So after that giving us more luxuries for free are a good way for GGG to shoot themselves on the foot and give that group of people zero reason to spend any more cash on the game period.

End of the day, it would be nice if people simply stopped whining about these first world problems over a stash tab that is not even necessary in the first place whilst at the same time being ignorant of an entire monetizing system that is there to serve more than one type of customer. These really do sound like the stupidest things to even have a conversation about.
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