What To Expect This Year

any updates on poe mobile development?
just drop 3.13 and focus on PoE 2.
Please do not rush for our account I for one would appreciate awesome new content late if necessary done right
The fact that the pandemic only set you guys back a week amazes me! Great job GGG.I still love the game and spend more time on it than all other games combined. Keep up the great work!
I just want 3 leagues a year again so we can have better content than just a garden we leave alone for 90% of maps. Not to mention the bugs, invisible bosses are not OK.

Keep doing what your doing guys, Your helping keep us entertained even though many people complain. Complainers will always have something to complain about... Love the game and look forward to the future of it.
POE is now a roaring dumpster fire filled with lithium batteries will take more then a little water to put this out and right the ship
raiderjoe wrote:
Please don't pull the Covid card, it's a bad excuse.

How dumb are you ?
emjaiz wrote:
Gukbuk wrote:
Harvest garden is somewhat ok. It needs much more love though.

I would suggest as i did few years ago that Poe 2 needs to happen fast. Glad that you took that rout and announced it on exilecon.

Skip the leagues, and open crowd founding for poe 2 as fast as possible. ALLOT of players may quit poe for good before poe2 even comes out since poe started to be repetitive mess that has trouble running on high end pc configurations.

No matter how good league is , it will be tarnished by numerous league mechanics that for some reason made it into the core game. Poe is true example of saying " sometimes less is more" and you twisted that around to the point game can't take any more. To much is to much.

Crowd founding with no new content is better than new content and mtx shenanigans you've been doing for past few years. Do not waste your resources on poe1, game is unsalvageable.


I hard agree with that guy, I've noticed a lot of people are starting to say that too. It's just a cluster f**k of content with no consistency.

It saddens me, that you think so little of the amazing work GGG does.
The countless hours the company is pouring into the game, and its free.
It's really pissing me off, how spoiled and ungrateful are you?!
I really don't like insulting people here, but ill make an exception with you.

You are a spoiled brat, you deserve a good wuppin by your parents !
Asuras9393 wrote:
Harvest is so bad they already announced it ending 1 week earlier than planned before week 1 finished... Hopefully, we get a flashback league mid league so we can play that instead of whatever this league is supposed to be.

How about giving the league a fair chance.
You got something for free, enjoy it, don't act like a spoiled brat.
If you stumble across bugs, report them in the bug report section.
PIECOST wrote:
Hopefully the servers are gonna be better for POE 2 then the current one

If you got of your high horse and started reading before posting garbage, then you would know that GGG is working on "VULCAN".
They are working on improving the game, constantly.
Help them finding bugs, your vague complaning is just utter nonsense.

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