Dynamic Particle Culling

Is this also available for console Players?
I suggest dynamic particle culling also has a "severity" added on top of it. Besides the performance drops, one of the biggest reasons I get killed is because I can't see enemy attacks underneath all of the projectiles/explosions/ground effects.

Having a high severity would mean you get to see a lot less particles, but it would greatly improve visuals on the enemy plus further improve performance.

I agree with this!

My GPU cried tears of joy when it rendered this page.

So did mine!
pretty pog although the culled effect no longer looks like 22 attacks per second. I wonder how toned down this might make the game feel in different scenarios which is good for performance but might not be as satisfying visually.
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holy shit thats incredible

not only is it a performance improvement, but it improves your visibility as well, haha

so next time ppl say "i can't see shit!" just respond with, "just get 22 atk spd"
ASpiRingFX wrote:
Yea nice i wonder why u couldnt demonstrate this with a 2h wep for a 2h league LOL oh thats right u nurfed that shit to the ground , wouldnt mind seeing this with frost blades in a t15 blight map ... thx GGG gl to all

Stop being a cry baby even on this post. You just gotta cry everywhere huh?

They didn't demonstrate with a 2H weapon since it would be too slow and would not fully showcase what they mean in a short video. The 22 attacks they just showed in a short with using a 1H would take way longer to show the 22 attacks on a 2H.
22 APS with Dynamic Particle Culling means improved performance.

"Challenge accepted" OMGItsJousis </George Takei voice off>
bhahahaha relax i was just making a point that u cant reach 22 aps with two handed weps lol that is all i was saying. I said exactly what they did with the patch notes deal with it. If you havent relized that yet lul. I really would like to see this shit in a blighted t15 map thats where the real strain of the game is imo . Once again gl to all

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