Dynamic Particle Culling

Dam this is so sexy, I can fap on this!
Thanks so much for the hard work, if looks amazing!!!
Looks fantastic! That looks like my next league starter!
Phys spell lover!
I presume this will automatically be turned on for firestorm & icestorm then? Cuz then hot damn it will be nice to use.
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.
Great! Now give us back our old multistrike (but with the function to interrupt it heheh).
Finally some relief on the way for my sad potato lol
Isn't it odd that only players can achieve such high attack speed - you typically don't see monsters or bosses with equivalent movement, attack, or cast speeds. I think the pace, graphics, and physics would make more sense if this was scaled back a bit - and I know the issue is that unfortunately GGG accidentally increased movement, cast, and attack speeds rather high years ago without considering all the implications (and how could they?) The vast majority wouldn't want increased time through maps and the general story, but maybe this and increased movement speed skills can be scaled back a bit for PoE and PoE2 to help bring the pace back to normal ? It appears an attempt is being made with the new slam skill cool downs such as with fists of war - any thoughts? Your eyes and gpu would thank you if they could!
This is greatt !!
ArchHybrid wrote:
My GPU cried tears of joy when it rendered this page.

gruumine wrote:
Dam this is so sexy, I can fap on this!

My sentiments exactly. Thank you GGG. :)
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