Dynamic Particle Culling

ty GGG with super cool upd!
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This is gold.
This is awesome, nothing better than smoother gameplay through performance boosts.
Can we get a list of skills that this will be enabled for at launch?
im wondering if u did already vulcan beta updates, for me i got memory leak usin vulkan beta. after switchin areas 2 times poe uses like 6GB of RAM
I think my ps4 just cried silicon tears of joy
I hope this would apply to Whispering ice too. Cause else, meh.
Amazing! I've been asking for this for SO long! I would like to have a slider for it, but an automatic version is still super awesome! Great job, guys!!!!
That works on both vulcan and dx ?

IGN = Tominsideeeee

This is currently causing wide spread issues on PS4, can you please address it in some manner?

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