All Notables and Keystones in Path of Exile: Harvest

Wow this doesn't help me try and plan my build for new because no way in helli stay on long enough to even look at the tree
buildsinfo wrote:
The great f[removed by player]kening continues slow clap

SO glad I held off buying a supporter pack

This comment might (but probably wouldn't) have more impact if your account showed that you have EVER bought a supporter pack.

Thats not a serious patch note ... you have literally drown meaningfull information into a full board ... That do not gave any hope about the state of the league.
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genjiarmorxii wrote:
This is probably the most useless list of nodes since this includes ones that were and weren't changed.

I guess, the whole purpose of this move was to hide nodes that were changed without anouncements in the patch note (except crit decrease). Like:
• +1 brand lost everywhere
• brand duration and attachment replaced by cast speed
• mine/trap crit/multi/trow_speed decreased and +2 mines removed
• also removed phys reduction and reduction of taken damage from blinded/poisoned enemies
• reflected damage reduction gone off
• poison/burn duration/multi removed or replaced with increased damage
• etc
Althought they've significantly buffed life leech and also increased block chance here and there, plus some places got some ele pen and minion nodes have +/- but mostly buffed.
At whole this re-work seems for me as not 2H rework but as buff for minions and casters.
Minion Nodes: nerfed almost across the board, checked one by one.
4th consecutive league of Minion nerfs, congratulations.
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thank you ggg for nerfing some chaos dot dmg nodes, chaos builds already suffers in red maps and you just continue doing your shit
While I'm hyped af for the new league, I have to say this format to show the new/changed passive nodes isn't very attractive to look at and pretty hard to get your head around...

I'm just gonna wait for POB to update to check all of that out since reading the patch notes got me ready and hyped to start theorycrafting !
Why so many mine node nerfs?
A list of only changes, additions, and deletions might've been more concise. ='[.]'=
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