All Notables and Keystones in Path of Exile: Harvest

buildsinfo wrote:
The great f[removed by player]kening continues slow clap

SO glad I held off buying a supporter pack

You've held off for at least two years now. I'm sure every league has been crap for you to still be here while holding off.
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No nerfs to hollow palm technique apart from removed multiplier from dual wield. I'm genuinely happy.
Am I missing something? This means nothing without locations.
Holy moly, that is a lot 'o.O
Khajit has wares... If you have coin...
U buffed Towering Threat but removed the 3% char size which gave that notable a cool and unique identity. I mean thanks for the extra life but I would have rather had/kept the char size; which was insignificant anyway until you stacked like 3 to notice a difference. What are you Towering over now?

At least you made the pets dance better or some shit in hideouts.
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Kaytrim wrote:
but what changed??? All I see is just a list of everything on the tree with no point of reference.

Yah. Without knowing which ones have moved from cluster jewels to passive tree (and are they still on clusters if so???) all we can do is point and laugh at anyone who hoped to use herald notables again.
I am very confused by this list is this the main tree or all possible nodes (including those from cluster jewels) the latter why are the keystones from timeless jewels missing?
Skyi85 wrote:
thep10xer wrote:
addyaustin wrote:
D....did you guys add hollow palm to main passive skill tree?!!!!!!!! This is HUUUUUGE!

No, This is ALL notables and keystones available in the game, including those from clusters.

Oh I read this as tree notables... meaning the cluster notables on the list are migrating to the main POB tree. Which makes since for hallowed palm, you shouldn't have to farm a single item to play a build, the items should enhance or affect the playstyle - not make it.

GGG should clarify because as is I assume this is all on the main tree. Why even list cluster jewel notables as changes when nothing changes? But half the notables are missing - this literally reads as they are baked in now.

No hes right actually. If you scroll down to notables section, you'll see all notables from cluster jewels listed there. All of these obviously have not been moved to main tree. I got excited the moment I saw hollow palm keystone.
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buildsinfo wrote:
The great f[removed by player]kening continues slow clap

SO glad I held off buying a supporter pack

Managed to hold off every league did ya?
monik390 wrote:
artojas wrote:
Destroyed all the 5 people that played RF with wrapped in flames changes while leaving necro vd intact and ruining the boss kill race, nice!

This. RF was hard to scale even with Wrapped in Flame and had never been OP. Was literally best notable for RF in-game putting it to an "enjoyable" (or at least "playable") level skill. Now RF has become weak again, never been strong at all.

+1 to that. I find it kind of silly that they ruin something that actually enabled a build to be on pair with most medium tier builds with serious investment, mind you.

I sometimes wonder if the guys who balance these skills even play the game.

Most stupid passive change I've ever seen.

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